Going Underground

Another extract from my ongoing fiction series Running from Nothing. Something about the basement of the building made Simon nervous.‭ ‬It wasn’t just the fact that there were only emergency lights on down here,‭ ‬or the pipes and wires trailing the upper parts of every wall‭ – ‬the atmosphere was oppressive,‭ ‬exacerbated by the sense that impending death would come pursuing them from the floors above at … Continue reading Going Underground

A Walk in the Park

Another episode of my ongoing series, “Running from Nothing” The trench-coated man leant on the railings of the play area watching the children and parents with the studious fascination of an animal behaviourist. Brian and Simon looked at each other dubiously before leaning next to him. “I’m not sure stopping here is a good idea,” cautioned Brian in a low voice. “It’s only a matter … Continue reading A Walk in the Park

Beating About the Bush

The fourth part of my ongoing fiction project from 2011, “Running from Nothing” “We’re just going to have to get straight out of here.” The trench-coated stranger was darting back into Simon’s flat, making straight for the living room at the far end of the hallway. “Wait a second,” called Simon as he followed him. “I thought you worked for those people.” “Yes, but now … Continue reading Beating About the Bush