Out of the Darkness

Oh dear. I haven’t written a word on here since July. Well, I’m alive, so there’s that, I suppose.

Given that I do blog about my depression anyway, I may as well admit to some of the things that have prevented me from fulfilling my old aim of five hundred words per week. My last job, at a company whose name and industry shall be given no mention, was difficult. The work itself was fine and dandy, maybe even easy, but there were some truly awful human beings on my team and they made life hellish for me. I never really recovered from the nervous breakdown I had back in 2011, and my current home life is not conducive to my mental health at the best of times. And now there are further tangible problems there that I am not at liberty to discuss. I didn’t claim that newfangled Universal Credit thing immediately after I finished my last job as I needed some time to put my head back on straight. And, of course, I refuse to put Harlequin’s Kiss on hiatus over my mental health.

So what have I done since July? Chris Parry, the drummer, quit the band and we spent time training up his replacement, Giulio Tarantino. Somehow we still managed a couple of final gigs with Chris and a couple of shows in October with Giulio. I’ll tell you about all that in a separate post. I’ll also be telling you over the next few weeks about my new project, a pro wrestling podcast called Oh Dear. It’s into its third episode and we’re learning every week. I’ve also bought a new laptop, which has given me the chance to play with Fedora 24. If you’re mad enough to enjoy my superficial tech blogging, I’m sure you’ll enjoy that, too. And, I suppose, I may as well tell you about my experiences with the Universal Credit system.

A friend of mine once told me that I seemed to blog when I’m in a good place. I’m not, but the fact that I’m in front of a keyboard right now should perhaps be taken as a small sign of improvement. If nothing else, I know that one or two of my readers are friends who use this as a way of keeping in deeper touch than facebook. And I’d hope that the rest of you are at the very least well-wishers. I hope that my reappearance is reassuring, whoever you are. And if you’ve only just stumbled across this blog, please do try the “Breakdown” categories links on the right – I’m not normally this self-absorbed.

So here I am, open for business once again. I can never promise that I’ll manage to keep a long run going (and making that promise always seems to be a guarantee that I’ll disappear sooner rather than later), but I can at least catch you up to today before sinking back into my pit of despair. Probably in time for Christmas…


~ by Scary Rob on 24 October, 2016.

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