K, Trusty?

So I’m running Kubuntu 14.04. Yeah, if you’ve been following my blog for the last five weeks, this will really seem like a massive step backwards. Fedora 23 and Gnome 3 were both driving me nuts, and really what I wanted most in life was KDE Plasma 4 back. I really liked it, and even when Plasma 5 becomes viable there is apparently now less focus on pointless-but-fun desktop widgets. Personally, although I don’t use the mouse-cursor-following eyes I like the fact that they exist. And my clock is this beast:

For the weight of KDE, if there is only as much junk to play with as XFCE (which has most of the features I need without some of the abstruse ways of working that KDE has) then I can live without KDE’s desktop animations.

When considering my next move, I did briefly toy with installing Gentoo, but even with the manual I’m not confident enough in my own ability to maintain that kind of system. As a rolling release distro, Sabayon was looking attractive and even had an option to use Plasma 4. I think it may be my next distro on some future computer.

As it happens, I thought the life of Kubuntu 14.04 was two years, not five, and my poking at options corrected my idiocy here. So given that I regard 5 years as the rough lifespan of my computers (I got my current one late in 2014), I thought I’d give Trusty another go.

It’ll do. There are niggles with it, but they’re things I can live with. The Bluetooth manager Kubuntu uses is crap. It finds my speakers and pretends to connect, meaning I have to manually disconnect and reconnect to get them started every time. And that was after I’d already made alterations to the Bluetooth setup just to get it working at all. I still had the sleep coma issue. I added the script I linked to two weeks ago, and that seemed to stop the problem – until I next ran updates. Then it came back with a vengeance. (Eventually some searching found me an extra command to give the script permission to run. It’s been fine so far since – touch wood.) Firefox is the default browser and it sits on the system like a hippo. In fact, it even seems to have been the root cause of an incident I had a few weeks ago where Kubuntu refused to shut down from the button clicks in a non-admin account. Needless to say, I’m using Chromium now. All of this I can tolerate – it’s still less gyp than any given edition of Windows has ever given me. Besides which, I’m just sick of reinstalling every few months. Hopefully I won’t now have to perform any more major operations until 2019.

My apologies for boring you to death with my computing woes for the last month and a half. Normal service will be resumed next week.


~ by Scary Rob on 13 June, 2016.

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