The Further Adventures of Harlequin’s Kiss

I don’t write this blog to chronicle the inner machinations of my rock band, but Harlequin’s Kiss is a major part of my life, so I suppose I ought to talk about it from time to time.

When I last mentioned the band, we were a vocalist, guitarist and bass looking for a drummer so we could get back in the game. Things have both changed drastically and not changed at all. You see, sometime in June our “new” guitarist left us. His old band had got back together and he figured he couldn’t dedicate his time to two bands. So once again we were back at square one and we weren’t able to replace Kev as quickly as we did André. In fact, we had what seems like an interminable number of weeks where auditioning guitarists no-showed us. It got to the point where, after losing £20 a time for auditions that just weren’t happening, Ed and I decided to move back into the Lamp Tavern – at least the landlord wouldn’t charge us if we didn’t use the room.

So October rolled around, and suddenly Birmingham turned its bizarre coincidence field on us. Back in December 2013, Ed and I had spent a Monday evening at the Roadhouse’s open mic night and the evening had ended with anyone and everyone getting on stage to sing Christmas songs with a piano. And so it was that I ended up duetting a homoerotic version of “Fairytale of New York” with a singer-songwriter. Fast-forward to October 2014 and I’m in Birmingham trying to meet up with a bunch of amateur film-makers for training as an extra. And it turns out the guy training us was non other than the guy I’d met the previous Christmas. The training session was a bit of a wash-out, but those who had turned up had a bit of a trek round the city centre and I told the singer-songwriter about our guitarist woes and invited him to come and play with us sometime. And then I got shitfaced and forgot all about it until he texted me back on the Sunday evening taking me up on my offer. One surprisingly comfortable rehearsal session later, we took on Matt as a rhythm guitarist.

Previously, of course, we had only had one guitarist and carried a lot of rhythm sound on the bass. Matt had told us that he was strictly a rhythmist, so our guitar search wasn’t complete just yet. Another few weeks followed of mostly failing to get potential lead players and drummers to turn up before we finally had two auditionee guitarists one night. And that was the night we picked up Brett.

So coming into 2015, we have a new line-up (minus a drummer). We expect to appear on stage soonish – we’re writing new material and learning some of the old stuff – but we are still short of a drummer. So email me if you know someone who might be interested…


~ by Scary Rob on 16 February, 2015.

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