A Day in the Life?

Despite having more flexibility with my time these days, I’m still not blogging enough. As much as anything, it’s because I’m out of the habit. I mean, I’m on the dole at the moment, so surely that at least deserves a sort of “day in the life” while the whole benefits issue is so politically charged. But what do you write about being on the dole?

“Day one: looked at jobs website. Applied for some jobs. One or two of them I actually even want to do.”

“Day eight: Went to jobcentre. Once again surprised not to receive the Spanish Inquisition from my so-called ‘job coach’.”

“Day eleven: Money arrived. Bought food.”

Rinse and repeat.

Okay, being fair, I am getting out of the house. I got a week’s work moving files from one end of a room to the other in a hospital last month, which has at least allowed me to celebrate Christmas. On Saturday, as a result, I did the “Frankfurt Christmas Market” in Birmingham with a new friend and Harlequin’s Kiss’ new guitarist. The night went on to the Gunmakers Arms and then to Eddies, before ending in drunken rambling at McDonald’s. It was a lot of fun, but there wasn’t anything blog-worthy about it. At least, not that I can remember…

I may leave any serious writing on here until the new year. I know for certain that January’s going to be a busy month. I’ve been offered work for the month, but it is just for the month. In the meantime, I’ve already mostly taken the decision to do an online “Introduction to Linux” course offered by EdX. Yes, I’ve been using Linux for years, but like most Windows users, I tend to just do day-to-day computing (i.e. net browsing and word processing) without really understanding the inner workings of my operating system. It would be nice to have a real idea how my computer works, and I hope to be able to use that as a base for further training. I may blog about that. The thing is, I’ll be doing this over January to March, while also doing this temporary job, and still having to continue a hunt for a permanent job. Add the band to the mix, and this could turn out to be hectic. I’ve got everything planned out, so all I can do now is see if it works. The last time I tried to do this kind of work load, I did end up having a breakdown, but that took seven months and this nonsense will be over in three at the most.

So, yeah, does this count as New Year’s resolutions? I know it’s not quite Christmas yet, but I do have a five-hundred word quota to fill. How about this, too: I’ll try to blog weekly again to save you all from being bombarded with aimless rambles like this one.

I thought you’d like that.


~ by Scary Rob on 18 December, 2014.

3 Responses to “A Day in the Life?”

  1. You’re right you’re not blogging enough, not one post yet in 2015!!

  2. *cough* You know its February now right?

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