Oh! Christmas Tree???

My “home” life has always been chaos. While I was at university and coming home pretty much only for Christmas, and for those few years I spent in Cambridge before, that chaos usually meant that the Christmas tree tended to go up after midnight on Christmas morning. I used to hate it. Putting it up at that time was just a demonstration that we celebrated Christmas not for any joy in the festival, but out of lip-service to appearing normal and functional. The sorry nature of family Christmases in Cambridge was further highlighted by the fact that my “Bah! Humbug!” housemate of the time bought a tree and decorations and tended to have the thing up sometime around the second week of December. And, let’s face it, he really was only paying lip-service to the festive season.

Fast-forward to now and, as regular readers will know, I’ve had to move back in with my Mum. Christmas has started to be less fraught this last year or two, as illustrated by some strange presences in the flat. Now, normally, I object to any mention of Christmas before Advent. I once went so far as to boycott Glade for a year because they began an advertising campaign in mid-October with the words, “It’s never too early to think about Christmas.” My Mum’s much the same, so imagine my surprise when a tiny (four inches high) tree appeared on the mantle piece around mid October. Apparently, the plan was to have a bunch of mini trees over the fire, so by the last week of November this happened:


Of course, my Mum has a thing for real trees. I think of them as needle-shedding nuisances myself, but I’m a bit jaded. We also have a 6ft artificial white tree in the garage. However, we’d not long rearranged the living room furniture, and the first thought on my mind was: where the bloody hell would we put a full-size tree in here? Arguably, Paperchase came to the rescue. They had some natty little two-foot plastic trees that I managed to convince her to get instead. Already up and decorated, they look quite nice on top of the low book cases in the lounge. As such, other Christmas decorations are starting to make their presence felt. A string of very literal fairy lights has attached itself to a wall, and a bulbous penguin hangs suspended over the entranceway to the living room. I’m still debating whether or not to put some tinsel up over my personal book-cases.

So there you have it, Christmas has come in a more than timely manner to the family home this Christmas. Of course, if (like me) you generally think early Christmas trees are a bit crass, look at it the way I am: this bizarre artificial forest we’ve got is making up for years of late ones.

~ by Scary Rob on 8 December, 2014.

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