Rock Band Blues

The last real biographical update I wrote was in January, so I ought to try to bring things up to date if I’m about to have a blogging renaissance*. Day-to-day life has not changed much for me since July, when I moved my place of work across the West Midlands without changing day job. However, my musical work has ground to something of a halt.

I knew it was coming. Harlequin’s Kiss’ guitarist, André, was in three bands at the time and we had reached a ‘treading water’ point by January. We weren’t writing anything new and any attempt to learn new covers was simply collapsing, but we were still active and had gigs booked for August. And then, in March, something blew up in André’s personal life and he decided that he had to quit one of his bands. Andy the drummer departed soon afterwards.

Drummers are hard to come by. The equipment is expensive and finding a place to practice is difficult. So my first act was to buy a simple drum machine to keep us going while we found a new drummer. In the meantime, we set a guitarist search in motion and had bites on our ad’s within a few days. The first guy to set foot through the rehearsal studio door turned out to be the right one. Laid back, played rock ‘n’ roll, very good guitarist. All boxes ticked nicely. We auditioned him twice just to make sure, but we did end up taking him on. So we set to getting the songs back together and hunting for a live drummer.

The day we auditioned the new guitarist, we were supposed to see a drummer, too. He didn’t show up. A week or two after we took on the new guitarist, this drummer got back in touch saying the guitarist had flagged us up to him. After spouting enthusiasm and promising he wouldn’t no-show us again, I reluctantly agreed to let him try out. He no-showed again. A couple of weeks later, we auditioned a retired pro who agreed to work with us on a part-time basis while we found someone younger and more willing to develop with an essentially new band. It looked like we could relaunch on the gig that was still open to us in August.

And then the guitarist’s old band got back together. And the drummer’s wife fell seriously ill. So we were back to square one and had to drop out of our August gigs.

As things stand, we’re still looking. We have an interested drummer, but he’s looking elsewhere and we’ll lose him if we don’t get a guitarist soon. The musicians advertising online seem to come in waves and it’s all bassists and singers at the moment. I’m in touch with one guitarist, but I’m not sure if she’s feeling out the material or has changed her mind about auditioning with us. Harlequin’s Kiss will be back, but we’re not sure when.

*N.B. This is not a promise.


~ by Scary Rob on 21 July, 2014.

4 Responses to “Rock Band Blues”

  1. Bummer, I remember you saying about how unreliable musical types are, point proven! Do *you* play guitar at all? Might be worth picking up enough that you could do some basic practice and writing by yourself until Proper People turn up, so that the time isn’t totally wasted…

    (My little brother moved to Sheffield a couple of weeks back, and TOOK THE IBANEZ AWAY!! D: …I’ve still got the massive amp, and he’s left me the other guitar, I don’t even know what it is but it weighs nothing at all. Sounds pleasingly grotty distorted but on clean it’s a bit ghastly. If I try to learn some ’50s stuff it’ll be bang on with the twanginess but otherwise, whatever nobs I twiddle it can’t ever manage the gorgeous rich sound the Ibanez had 😦 )

  2. That’s kind of why I play the piano. As things stand, we’re considering moving auditions back to the pub we used to use, just so we don’t get charged for the room time when someone no-shows.

    Incidentally, a new Gio Ibanez will set you back about £140. That said, Andre tends to get most of his guitars second-hand. Try dropping in to your local Cash Converter…

    • Pub auditions plan sounds wise, keep scouring the internet, someone’s gotta turn up eventually!

      £140 is actually less than I expected, but right now the amount of money I have in the world is a negative number, lol, so even second hand is useless for the foreseeable future. Hopefully I can stick it on my Christmas list though!

  3. Sound-wise, as well as Ibanez, it’s worth considering a Shine if you see one.

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