Adventures in Leicester – Part 3

The sound-check passed without incident. As it happens, our own equipment is pretty loud so we ended up not putting a microphone on the guitar amp and just letting the engineer balance the rest of the band through the PA system against the guitar’s volume. The monitors were feeding back through the mic’s more than I’d have liked, meaning I was having to listen to myself more from the main speakers (i.e. getting a muted sound because I was standing behind them) but I’ve sung under worse conditions. Afterwards, the band split up a bit. Andy the drummer went to visit a brother who lives locally, and André the guitarist and his wife went across the road to get something to eat. I went back to the car park to retrieve my stage gear and get dressed.

I caught André and Monique up in the local Wetherspoons and grabbed myself a quick bite along with another couple of pints. You’ll remember from the previous instalment that I’d bought some trainers earlier in the day and had a bit of a rigmarole in Sports Direct. Well, as André went off to the toilets to change into his shirt and waistcoat, I started getting my new trainers out of the box to lace them up and wear them for the show. It was only as I was lacing them up that the penny dropped. These weren’t the Puma tennis shoes that had been put behind the counter for me. This was another, very similar pair with laces instead of velcro straps. In fact, this was the pair I wanted but had been told were out of stock. I felt a small pang of guilt that whoever else had wanted these trainers was now without, but Leicester’s Sports Direct really didn’t have their shit together that afternoon, and all I could now do an hour after closing time was reap the benefit and be cheered by my good luck. And they are very nice trainers.

By the time we’d crossed the road back to the venue, the opening act had finished and we were due on stage almost immediately. Knowing that this was a weekend event we were playing for, I’d already planned a few weeks ago to try to get a chant going from the audience for RvB (the convention in question) while the band started the introduction to the opening song behind the chant. Any doubts I had about that coming off were quickly dissipated, and people from the main part of the bar upstairs were soon coming down to see what was going on. Frankly, we rocked. And the level of response we got from the audience that evening was a vindication of what our stage show had been about for the preceding twelve months. We got the same nodding heads, tapping feet, dancing, and applause from a crowd of strangers that we were getting in Birmingham from the friends and family that were the bulk of our audience there.


~ by Scary Rob on 20 October, 2013.

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