Adventures in Leicester – Part 2

Having wrapped up at Phoenix Square, Ed and I had an appointment to keep. A week or two earlier, my author friend, Cathy, had put out a call for offers to occupy a rare free weekend. I suggested she join us for the gig, and she took the opportunity to meet up with a Leicester-based friend in her literary circles. She called us just before the interview session, so afterwards Ed and I started walking to the station. As it happened, there was some kind of caribbean carnival going on that weekend, so we got to see a few of the floats and dancers on our way out of the station as we searched for a pub.

I suppose the important thing from the point of view of this tale is that lunch happened. And so did another pint of cider. I chatted about wrestling and martial arts with Cathy’s friend and we went our separate ways: Ed and I to the Crumblin’ Cookie for a sound check, and Cathy and her friend for a proper catch-up.

If I’m honest, although Reebok classic trainers are what I wear day-to-day, I think they’re too bland for stage gear. So I decided to “nip” into Sports Direct for a pair of Puma tennis shoes. Three pints down and not having had much sleep, I was a little bit tipsy. In this slightly glazed state, I found my way to the Puma trainers and saw a black and white pair I liked. And a pair with pink trims I liked slightly less. It was late afternoon on a Saturday, so of course it was going to be busy. Having managed to get a member of staff’s attention, he radioed the stock room. Then I waited for over half an hour (this is not an exaggeration, I checked my watch). I had to collar the original guy again (and he was very helpful) and he radioed again, only to be now told that they weren’t in stock in my size. Nor were my second choice. Eventually, I was offered something similar to the first design, but with a velcro strap instead of laces. Reluctantly, I accepted them, and in typical Sports Direct fashion, they guy put them behind the till for me along with a pile of three other boxes.

I didn’t see exactly where he set them down. After queueing briefly, I got served at the till. I told the girl there that I had a pair of Pumas waiting for me, and she went to the nearest pile of boxes. But the first Puma box the girl behind the till produced did not contain my trainers. So she tried again with another box from a different pile. Seeing the black leather and white trim, I thought she had found the right ones, so I paid up and left, closer to sound-check time than I’d have liked.

Next week: the sound check and the gig

~ by Scary Rob on 5 October, 2013.

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