Adventures in Leicester – Part 1

Well, it’s about a month after the fact, but I probably ought to tell you all about Harlequin’s Kiss’ adventures in Leicester. The gig itself was a long time in the planning from our point of view. The promoter, Jason (an old school friend of Ed the bassist) had been wanting to get us in on something in the town ever since he’d attended our first gig in the Gunmakers Arms over a year ago. As such, when he began arranging an afterparty for the RvB:UK gaming event, we were given a spot in the middle of the bill early in the planning. It did make me smile that the promotional literature described “a surprise appearance” from us as Birmingham rockers, given that we were actually booked a couple of months before the two local acts for the event.

That was the background and, frankly, we were looking forward to it. A new town, a fresh audience from all over the country, and a well-known venue to boot – the whole thing would be a fresh experience for us. Furthermore, this was the first time we were tied to time. Previously we’ve headlined self-promoted gigs, so having to trim our set to forty-five minutes was a new experience for us, meaning we were putting together a show that would always be at least a little different to our previous efforts. In fact, we had a gig coming up at one of our usual haunts that we used as a testing ground for some of the elements we intended to include. For one thing, a change of closing number.

3rd August rolled around. Ed and I had agreed to do an interview as part of the event earlier in the day, and we had less equipment to transport than André and Andy, so we set off late morning and caught up with Jason at Phoenix Square, where the gaming was taking place. He’d offered to prepare some business cards and more professionally presented versions of our demo CD, and we were pleased to hear that a few of our cards had already been picked up from the merch and tickets table. The CDs were still being put together but would be available in time for the show.

Ed and I had some time to kick our heels, so we had a nose in the café bar where, coincidentally, a local promoter was showcasing Leicester’s young talent. So I spent some time sipping cider and listening to some pleasant teenage singer-songwriters. Eventually, we joined The Citizens’ Eye Community News Agency in a small studio room for a brief promotional interview. Most of the interviews with forum panellists across the morning were apparently audio only, but we were asked to speak in front of a camera. The results can be seen here on youtube:

Next week: Rob gets drunk in Leicester and buys some new shoes.


~ by Scary Rob on 4 September, 2013.

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