A Day in the Studio

I’ve neglected my writing far too much of late. No more excuses – it’s time I got a grip.

The major news of the past few weeks has been developments with Harlequin’s Kiss. We’ve been intending to do it for almost a year, but now we can say that we are definitely playing Leicester. We’ll be at the Cookie Jar in the middle of a bill that includes Preacher and the Bear and some stand-up comedians for an afterparty at the end of the Red vs Blue gaming convention. The gig is taking place on 3rd August.

Oh. You want to hear what we sound like? Well, that’s my tale for the day. A while ago, we booked ourselves in for a half day in Robannas (yes, I’m plugging everyone today) to get a decent demo recorded. Sure, we could have gone DIY, but drum recording is a ball-ache. It started off as a plan to get one song done, but by the time we got into the place last weekend it was suggested that we should get three tracks down at once. The usual producer wasn’t around that day, but we still ended up with a top bloke (called Bob), and I have to say we were very happy at the outcome in the end.

It takes a while to set up the mic’s. Bob’s plan was to record the music “live” then put the vocals on afterwards. Full albums tend not to be done that way these days as the sounds of the instruments bleed into each other’s microphones, so mistakes can’t be completely covered up. With only four hours to record and mix, the setting up and balancing of the umpteen mic’s on the drums does eat some time. And that was before we ended up having to try out five different snares because of various issues with their sounds.

In the event, we did all the backing tracks in two takes apiece before setting up to record the vocals. Again, it was two takes each to lay those down. Studio perfection wasn’t an option, but we were pretty happy with what was recorded. A quick break while Bob cleaned the tracks up later, and we started mixing properly.

Sadly, I don’t have time to describe what decisions we made and why, but the result was three tracks that I wouldn’t be unhappy with representing us on the radio. Bob said at the end that this was the best sound he’d heard from a band since he’d started working at the studio in September – and that was entirely down to us. I think we had a good working rapport with him, and we were certainly impressed with the sound he made from our work. Hopefully, we’ll get to work with Bob again. Heck, you must be doing something right if the engineer’s humming the chorus of one of your tracks while he works…

The finished results will be available for your listening pleasure very soon.


~ by Scary Rob on 15 July, 2013.

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