From Ashes We Rise

A big part of any of my drive to deal with life’s dissatisfactions is to reconnect with blogging. It’s been my hobby for over eight years now, and I suppose I associate it with a certain amount of good in my life. I’ve come into contact with some fantastic people through it (Lemonsquash, Boso, and Mikeachim to name but a few), and as a regular reader you see people change and grow. Blogging has changed over the last few years, going from personal diaries right at the start of Web 2.0 (and how long has it been since you heard that phrase? Last time you logged into MySpace, I’ll warrant…) to a highly networked “blogosphere” where some commentators get more attention than payrolled newspaper columnists.

Am I jealous? A little. I like attention. But then, I acknowledge that my writing on Nevermore is scatterbrained and mediocre, and that I leave overlong hiati whenever things start to unravel in my life. Furthermore, I’ve never worked to gain respect in a particular sphere – I don’t specialise. I am, at the end of the day, just a vanity diarist

If I really wanted to commercialise (at least in the sense of pursuing a readership), I know exactly which posts pull in the readers from beyond my own facebook links: Doctor Who reviews. I did keep a separate Doctor Who blog for a few years, but decided to merge it back into Nevermore as it was easier to manage one blog on a single platform. I could just become an expert Whovian, reviewing episodes and my latest DVD purchases, and maybe Big Finish and 2 Entertain might start sending me free stuff, but I value the voice I use to shout to the wider world too much. I really do want to whinge about my problems to anyone who cares to listen, rant about political things that upset me, and tell stories about things in my life that amuse me.

So what will I do instead? Well, my life has not been my own for about four years now, and I’m just starting to claw things back. There are things I value about who I used to be, and blogging ought to make a comeback as one of my hobbies. That includes getting out and reading again. Many of my old favourites have stopped blogging, but in a world of vanity publishing there are many more to discover. Soon, I may even update my links page to reflect who I’m following these days. The reviews will begin again, time permitting, and I think I’ll stick to my old self-imposed deadlines and word-limits. You never know, one day somebody might ask me to write for a magazine, so the ability to produce consistently would be a useful skill to have.

You’re going to be hearing more from me. Nevermore is back from a two-year wander in the wilderness. Aren’t you lucky?


~ by Scary Rob on 16 January, 2013.

2 Responses to “From Ashes We Rise”

  1. I’m having the same blogging identity crisis. Still trying to decide how to proceed with the blog. Hope you’re doing well dude.

    • Good to hear from you, dude. I’ll keep half an eye on your site in case your head pops over the parapet again. Yeesh! I’ve just thought: Baby O must be Primary School O by now, surely…

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