New Year’s Resolutions

Normally I’d finish off the year by putting up a review headed by links to the first post of each month. 2012 doesn’t seem worth it, however, as I’ve blogged that little. I’ve averaged a single post in two months in some places. My first post last year now seems almost ironic, especially since I said I was going to make it “The year of the Rob”. As it happens, while last year was no disaster by any means, it was more of a very troubled period of setting up. I wanted to get my finances stable by getting a solid job, get Harlequin’s Kiss established on the Birmingham pub circuit, and generally get my life in order after what had been a very difficult few years. Instead, I’m living in circumstances with reduced financial commitments and I can see the path forward for the band, but I’m still very deeply dissatisfied with my life.

What does that all mean? Well, it means I’ve bought the time to find a job I actually want, so financial stability doesn’t have to come hand-in-hand with my soul being drained away. As for the band, we have openings now that could mean we break Birmingham and Leicester at the same time if certain cards are played right. This is positive, and means we could gain some momentum rather than just ambling along. As for my life in general… well, that’s another story.

By now, I should speak French and Farsi fluently, and be able to play the piano. I can’t do any of these things, and that boils down to sheer lack of effort. This will be rectified. I’m out of shape. The only way to rectify this is to eat less, stop eating shit, cut down on drinking, and exercise more. This is surely doable. I don’t normally do New Years resolutions, because they are frankly ridiculous. Take your life in hand now, whatever “now” is! But the settling down of the factors that have been stopping me taking my life in hand has roughly coincided with the start of 2013. Today my new life begins. Monday has to be my rest day from certain things, due to time issues created by rehearsing that night. But I will force myself to bed and set Tuesday morning’s alarm according to my new regime. Tuesdays to Saturdays I will be spending 20 minutes with an aerobics video and 45 minutes with my own exercise routine. Every night I will practice the piano for 15 minutes (working up to half an hour when it becomes habit). I will work through my “Teach Yourself Farsi” book by a section a night and learn four new words each day (feel free to challenge me on what today’s words are). And, with any luck, all of this will make me feel like I’m becoming the person I should be.

Happy New Year one and all! And I hope you can make what you want of the year, too.


~ by Scary Rob on 7 January, 2013.

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