The Rise of Harlequin’s Kiss

To happier things, if only because Nevermore is running the risk of becoming “Rob McDermott’s Infrequent Depression Blog (TM).”

I haven’t mentioned Harlequin’s Kiss for nearly a year, and the last place I left the story was with us recovering from the big split-up but still minus a drummer. Well, things have fortunately changed for the better on that front – we’re now a functioning band and beginning our careers on the Birmingham pub circuit.

The tale of the new era began last February when, after a slog of auditions, we finally picked up one Andy Kelly on drums. Things have moved more quickly since then, but not in the usual way bands develop, as far as I can tell. All this time on, we’ve not got proper demo’s yet, but that hasn’t stopped us. You see, we got very cynical about putting material together, keeping our blues tracks in practice while working on some rockier riffs we had in the vaults. Add to the mix a classic rock cover and a modern pop one, and suddenly we found we didn’t need other people to give us gigs – we could fill out an hour ourselves! So off we toddled to the pub round the corner from the studio.

I’m sure we’ve all been there. Your mate or a family member has a band, and they do their first gig, and you go along to support them and they turn out to be shit. Well, that’s the scenario we were all expecting, the band and the audience alike, to a greater or lesser extent. Some of us as musicians hadn’t been in front of an audience for a while, so any one of us could have choked – and if I’d done that it would have been a complete disaster. As it happened, we blew the roof off the place, got offered a gig in Leicester on the spot, and have been constantly asked by the pub’s regulars when we’re coming back.

Then the setbacks happened. We spent two weeks recording demo’s (the mixing is still in progress), then took a forced two weeks off as André (the guitarist) had to move house – and it was a big move. It was two months after that that we finally got back on track and set about preparing more gigs. So we’re working on a Christmas party at the Gunmaker’s Arms on Bath Street on December 14th, and we’ve played our second gig in the back room of the Lamp Tavern in Digbeth – eagle-eyed readers may remember that this was where we used to rehearse a couple of years ago. We’ll get some material for you to listen to up soon, but in the meantime you should come and see what the fuss is about for yourselves.


~ by Scary Rob on 3 December, 2012.

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