I Can’t Get No Sleep

So my major concern over the last week has been a serious bout of insomnia. I know what’s coming when it happens, because I’ve lived through the peaks and troughs of my health for years now, but I’m still not entirely used to it. Sometimes I’ll go through phases of serious fatigue, where my body demands that I sleep for twelve hours of a night while still telling me I’m tired afterwards. This I can combat with coffee. The worst is when, no matter how tired I get, I can’t sleep for more than three hours at a time. I lie down, I sleep, and then I wake up again. Well, the wisdom that everyone will trot out for insomnia is “do something else for a bit, if you can’t go to sleep” so I try to get up. While I’m laid out in bed I’m wide awake, but as soon as I try to get up, I feel like I need to lie down again. So I lie in bed for about seven hours each night, but only sleep for three of them.

As you can imagine, this isn’t the greatest state to be in when you’ve just started a job, even if it’s a job you’ve done before for several years. My old cinema (for I have returned – I’ve got to fuel my rock ‘n’ roll ambitions somehow) has changed the till system recently, running the things off an entirely different program to the one they had when I last worked there. And after a day of being shown round the basics, I was fool enough to want to handle money on a Saturday afternoon. Cue a young colleague from the last recruitment drive laughing at me because I was stressing out while it was only medium-busy. Little did she know that I barely knew what day of the week it was, or even my own name.

I’ve only just come out of a six-week situation of oversleeping, but I put that down to my body’s desperate attempts to make me actually stop moving and rest after the house move. Other fun symptoms included two attempts at having a migraine, inexplicable late-night vomiting, and all the strength draining out of my muscles for several days. Maybe the insomnia was my way of getting back to normality, or perhaps just another phase in the ever-more-frustrating cycle of my biology.

Such musings aside, last night I finally crashed. I’ve slept for a glorious nine hours (Nine! Praise the Lord!), and I feel somewhat drained. Hopefully, this is the end of it for a while, but I can’t be certain that it’s not either a temporary reprieve or the beginning of my return to a fatigued coffee-zombie state. Beeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaans….


~ by Scary Rob on 15 October, 2012.

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