The problem with working as a temp is that you can find yourself feeling like your life has no direction. I know I have other things that I do that I regard as more important than my paid job, but when your paid job takes up half of your waking day plus travel for five days a week, it’s hard to console yourself with the idea that what you’re doing is just to pay the bills. I often find myself in government contracts, and they’re not what they used to be. I’m far from work-shy, but I used to be quite happy knowing that I was going into a relatively laid-back environment (bear in mind that I’ve worked in the financial sector) to fill a post that gets a necessary job done for a while. No pressure to do anything other than that job, and a sense of place in the organisation – it’s job-satisfaction of a sort. These days, however, with recruitment feezes due to cuts, government posts tend to be available where manpower is so desperately short that your job as a temp is to bail out a galleon with a teaspoon.

My current job started out as six weeks of doing ad hoc tasks that the rest of the team didn’t have time to do. Now, with one of the team going part-time and another leaving, I’ve had the work of a fully-fledged admin for the department dumped on me and little in the way of actual training. People constantly ask me questions about things that I’m allegedly responsible for, but know nothing about. I’m completely unfamiliar with the in-house databases I’m supposed to be using. And to complicate matters further, my line manager appears to be relying on me doing this work rather than organising the department according to its actual level of staff. This is a problem because my contract has long overrun. The only reason I still have a job is that HR haven’t noticed I’m there yet. There’s a 12-week cap on temp contracts and that hits at the end of May. And the whole department is being subjected to a restructuring process as of June. Meanwhile, my boss has been called away for jury service as an amalgamation of two teams is trying to settle into a new building, and I’m loath to deal with her immediate junior because she seems to have different ideas about how things are supposed to run. I know nothing, I don’t trust the information I have available, and I expect to end up out of work any day now. Somehow it’s hard to find motivation under the circumstances.

~ by Scary Rob on 30 April, 2012.

One Response to “Drifting”

  1. You’re right Rob – temping sucks unless you don’t care. I hope you find something more satisfying soon

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