Hey. You come here often?

So: February. Do you guys remember that month they call February? No, me neither; it’s a boring month. Nobody cares about February…

Okay, that’s a poor excuse for not writing anything between January and mid-March. Let’s try again. I’ve gone back into temp work. The work’s been relatively steady and I have sane-looking pay-cheques for now, but the whole shebang has come at a price. The first job I was offered was ostensibly an admin job for a twelve-week period, with some potential to be ongoing. So I negotiated with my other employer, a cinema, to drop down to Saturdays for a while so I still had something to go back to if things didn’t work out.

Then it all started to go wrong. It turned out that this job wasn’t an admin role at all. Instead, it was answering a telephone helpline set up to deal with the changes to bin routes in half of the city of Birmingham. And, by the way, after the first week I would be the only person answering that phone line. Cue a lot of very upset people reporting all manner of problems that I couldn’t make any promises about being sorted. On a phone that rings again the moment you put it down. And, perhaps fortunately, the role was for two weeks, not twelve. And after five days of solid abuse from pensioners, I’d then have to drag my sorry arse to the cinema for eight hours on Saturday.

At the end of the fortnight, they told me that they wanted to keep the phone line open for another week, then they could move me on to some real administrative work. Having started to develop a phobia of ringing telephones, I said no.

So the temping agency found me a real admin job, but that was for six weeks, so I still had to keep my hand in at the cinema. Fatigue started to creep in, and I finally had to just gamble on getting further work from the agency. I left that cinema chain (for the second time) just over a week ago.

So stress and lack of time has prevented me from blogging, or even writing my fiction project. I suppose I could have prioritised Running from Nothing so as not to miss updates, but it’s hard to motivate yourself to write for a website that only four people are actually reading.

So what happens now? Well, Nevermore will be updated regularly again for a while (i.e. until the next disruption), but I can’t make any promises about Running from Nothing. If it couldn’t gain a regular readership in ten weeks of uninterrupted updates, I’m going to have to make that decision entirely on whether or not it’s still fun to write…


~ by Scary Rob on 19 March, 2012.

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