Braced for Impact

Robbie Mac, Robbie Mac, where have you been? I’ve been to London to see Hulkster and Sting…

Another huge “thank you” again to my friend Andrew, who bought the tickets and made the travel arrangements. I’d not have been able to do this little jaunt to Wembley were it not for his generosity. As the wrestling fans among you know, TNA made a relatively last-minute decision to tape an episode of Impact on their UK tour this year, which is why I found myself on a coach to Victoria on Saturday afternoon.

I’m not a travel blogger by any means, and I don’t tend to romanticise places beyond the description needed to evoke a sense of place. I also resent the fact that London is the only city that we allow ourselves to be proud of as a culture. That said, the architecture of the place fascinates me. The red-brick thirtiesness of Golder’s Green was a pleasant way for civilisation to greet us after the embankments of the M1, and the tourist end of London does have some bold and striking examples of Victorian confidence. The train station itself adds much to the beauty of the area surrounding Buckingham Palace Road, despite it looking like someone screwed a giant glass paperweight into the middle of a bank. We had a hairy moment in the Victoria Station shopping arcade, where the actual station entrance isn’t particularly well-signposted, but we soon gained ourselves possession of a couple of day-passes for the tube and made our way into the tunnels.

As we left Green Park, I said to Andrew, “Did you plan for lunch?”

“I’ve got some stuff in my bag,” he replied mildly.

“Ah. If I’d have known that I’d have got a burger at Victoria. Anywhere round Wembley’s going to be hideously expensive. Shall we make a stop somewhere?”

So we had a beer and a meal in a surprisingly reasonably-priced pub in West Hampstead.

When we got back on the tube, we found two guys with their faces done up in Sting style paint. Nice blokes, the pair of them, and one is apparently the guitarist in a local rock group. Check out HighDrant if you get a chance, they’re pretty good.

I have to say, the way the tube station is positioned in relation to Wembley stadium is very well done. The way the front stairs open out to a view of the arch, I can see how much atmosphere must be added to football matches there. Veering right to the arena, we took our seats not too far from the ring, I with a couple of bottles of cider in hand.

Space doesn’t permit me to say a lot about the show, but it was a blinder. Dixie Carter said that she boasted about the British crowds they get on tour and you could hear why. I hope the atmosphere comes across on screen in the next two weeks…


~ by Scary Rob on 30 January, 2012.

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