Whatever happened to Harlequin’s Kiss? (part 2)

I’d love to have given this post the subtitle “The Rise of Harlequin’s Kiss” but “The Further Setbacks of Harlequin’s Kiss” seems more appropriate.

After the guitarist and drummer mentioned last week left, Ed and I decided to regroup. We gathered all the material we knew and practised hard, getting ourselves as tight as possible and rebuilding our self-confidence in the process. It took us nearly two months before we were satisfied with our sound, and we had to spend that time because we knew from past experience that we could spend up to a year auditioning new musicians. We needed faith in ourselves to survive.

Fortunately, finding a guitarist didn’t take too long. As a long shot, I put out a call on facebook to see if anyone I knew could help. I was answered by someone I knew through a work colleague (or, more accurately, his wife answered on his behalf). I’d met André a few times before, and after we heard him play we were convinced he was the guy for us. He wrote guitar parts for stuff Ed and I had kicking around, and we made more progress in a fortnight than the previous line-up had in eight months.

Getting a drummer has turned into a sticking-point, however. We have a drum machine, courtesy of André, but machine tracks lack life. Where many guitarists seem willing to try anything, getting a drummer though the doors to even audition seems to be a battle. Even the few that replied to my ads online usually decided we weren’t the project they were looking for before they even got as far as meeting us. And as for the ads I replied to, well, they were equally a bunch of non-starters.

We did have a brief glimmer of hope over the summer, when a drummer jumping ship from her old band played with us for a few weeks. I was mildly surprised, as I didn’t think we’d be her bag musically, but we had a fairly instant rapport as a group. Unfortunately, her day job ended up scuppering things and we were back at square one.

So as things stand, we’re still plugging away in rehearsal studios. New material is on the way, demos may well be finished (albeit with mechanical drum tracks), and the hunt for a drummer continues apace. It would be nice to be able to guarantee a gig soon, and we may yet go on stage sometime with machine tracks just to get a bit of fresh air, but we’re just taking each day as it comes for the moment. If you’ve been following our progress, thank you very much for your patience, and we’ll come and blow your ears off just as soon as we can!


~ by Scary Rob on 29 December, 2011.

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