Catching up

So February disappeared on me. It seems I begin every year with good blogging intentions and then life takes over. I suppose it all started going to buggery just before I made my last post. At the time, I hadn’t written a single academic essay in three years. Suddenly faced with postgraduate expectations and increased word counts, I have to say I panicked a little. I ended up intimidating myself out of starting two of the essays until they were already late. But in the meantime, I was performing my usual rounds of self-abuse, trying to get reading done but mostly procrastinating and trying to avoid facing my own high expectations. That’s all fine and dandy when you’re an undergrad and funded by a loan that will become something of a nebulous debt. When your own money’s paying the tuition fees, however, giving up is not an option.

Anyway, to cut a long and miserable story short, January basically ceased to exist for me and I spent February basically trying to catch myself up. I’m not quite sure I’m there yet, I have to say, but I figure that trying to write a blog post is a better way of wasting time than stalking my mates on facebook.

So what have I been up to? Well, my paid job continues as normal. I turn up, I sell popcorn or sweep floors, and I go home. I’m frankly amazed any of my colleagues even realise I’m there, given that time and money issues prevent me socialising much outside of work. Only about five of my colleagues have ever seen me wearing anything other than a crimson polo shirt, come to think…

My course I’ve already really written about above. The problem with being a historian is that you tend to spend most of your time locked away in a room on your own with a pile of books. Given how far away I live from campus, I don’t even make the tiny social contact of working in the postgraduate computer cluster. So my life is boring on that front, too.

I suppose I’m lucky, then, having Harlequin’s Kiss to provide me with excitement. I’ll admit we had a couple of down weeks last month, due mostly to a combination of technical problems and miscommunications, but we recovered from those and came back stronger. Just last week, in fact, we ended up having a rare jam session which turned up enough usable material for three songs. Not bad for two hours’ work, I say! Obviously, a certain amount of tweaking needs to be done, but we’re moving ever closer to the point where we can make a good set out of our own material.

So that was February. I’ll try to blog more now that I’m working my way out of the mire, if only because I genuinely hate writing these generic, catch-up posts. But, unfortunately, I can’t make any promises.


~ by Scary Rob on 9 March, 2011.

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