Busy, Busy

Oh blimey! It’s been a month since I last posted. The reason for this is simple: my life has been absolutely bloody hectic. Last month, not long after my last post, I got a new job. I’m back in the cinemas again, working in the same building I did when I was in my first year of University. It’s more than a little surreal. Most of the staff have changed in the last five years, predictably, and most of the remaining old guard have been promoted to management by now. The downside, though, is the run-up to Christmas. It’s a busy cinema to start with, and December is due to be manic, so I’ve been working more shifts than I can really cope with. Mind you, I was in the same situation first time round, the difference being that I could actually afford to let my course suffer then where I can’t now.

In other news, Harlequin’s Kiss are kind of laying low at the moment, but that actually makes my life busier. We’re looking for a new rehearsal space at the moment, simply because the Lamp’s acoustics aren’t conducive to us hearing ourselves properly (although we sound bloody great from the bar…). As we can’t afford to lose any momentum while we search, and the holiday dates for Christmas this year lose us two Mondays, we’re writing at the moment. Chances are that you’ll be able to catch us at an open mic night or something before February, though, so don’t think this has buggered our postulated launch date of January 2011.

So will I ever blog again? Of course! Although I’ve not got a fat lot of “me” time at the moment, my issues are mostly of time management. Mostly, I need to make sure that my home computer time is spent writing (both fiction and blogs) rather than pratting about on facebook. Believe me, if I could stop wasting time on that website my productivity would shoot through the roof. The fact of the matter is, everything I do with my life is fun. I love working in customer service, I love medieval history, and I love singing. In theory, every moment of my day should be filled with joy and happiness. I do, however, still need “chill” time because I can do without crashing. I’ve seen one of my friends burn herself out working too hard at doing something she loves.

What this means for this little corner of the world-wide web is that I may have the occasional missed update (as usual). But I’ll still plug at it when I can. In the next few weeks, I’ll post the last of the year’s Doctor Who reviews, hopefully catching up with myself in time for Christmas. It’s not the most important aspect of Nevermore, but it does get me search-engine hits. And with any luck, you’ll still be hearing from me regularly in 2011.


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