Just an Update

Sometimes life just sort of goes on. Those weeks, it can be difficult to think of things to blog about simply because nothing seems worth writing about. At other times, everything happens at once. Those weeks are tough for blogging because there’s just so much going on that it’s hard to choose what to write about. So please forgive me for this post being a bit of a montage.

Harlequin’s Kiss is going from strength to strength at the moment. Jay (our guitarist) has angled us so that we’ve got a short set of covers ready to go at the drop of a hat, meaning that we might end up debuting somewhere at short notice. In the meantime, we’re preparing a set made up of new material and covers with a view to doing a whole evening at the pub we rehearse in. Suddenly, the need to actually have working websites rather than just a bare-bones facebook group has become urgent.

Meanwhile, this MA course is starting to look like a potential roller-coaster. Besides my awful tendency to get side-tracked, I had a bit of a fuzzy few days earlier last week when depression started rearing its ugly head yet again. The inevitable crisis of confidence that gave me led to a real sense of defeatism about a lot of things. I’m feeling better now and I’ve let logic reassert itself, at least temporarily. Well, either logic or my massive ego, but either one gets the job done under the circumstances…

Most recently, I was out on Saturday celebrating three birthdays at once. Namely my sister, my cousin and my mate Dave. Hmmmm. Sounds like a response to, “your mum!” At the time of writing, I’ve not quite recovered from the hangover that kept me in bed until seven in the evening. The odd bit is, I’ve not got an emotional hangover – which has to be a first. Usually, you see, I wake up after night out feeling a little bit sick and berating myself about something that happened last night. Missed opportunities, misjudgements made while drunk, things I’ve done that I thought made me look like a twat even if no-one else did. Instead, I seem to have just had a really good, if relatively uneventful, night. It’s a weird feeling for me, not having a Sunday tinged with Saturday night’s regrets. I should do this more often.

Yes, this was just another filler news post, I’m afraid. I might write something topical if I don’t have any big adventures next week. The reason I’ve shied off politics and ranting in general of late has a lot to do with my fraught feelings concerning May’s election. That month of political outbursts in the build-up drained me, and I do worry about over-politicising what is essentially a biographical blog. We’ll see what happens next week, eh?


~ by Scary Rob on 25 October, 2010.

3 Responses to “Just an Update”

  1. That cherry drink you gave me was actually quite horrible. I mean, thanks for the free booze and all. But seriously it was so sweet, it was like calpol with vodka. Dave actually finished it off for me.

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