Summer Fun

How tickled I am! Well, how tickled I was, for this was back in June, on the day of the jam butty miners’ annual summer barbecue. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Just the sort of day for running down the street with your trousers round your ankles, shouting, “How’s that for a three-legged race?”

Silliness aside (though I assure you that I’m only laying it aside momentarily), it was June and there was indeed a barbecue. It being the annual barbecue for the university Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society, silliness is somewhat inevitable, especially as things got off to such a fine start when Steve forgot to take the cardboard off the bottom of the disposable barbecue trays…

Once the fires, both intentional and otherwise, had gone out, a bunch of us stayed in the garden singing folk songs and show tunes while the less musically-inclined went inside. On a toilet break, I discovered they were playing “truth or dare”, of all things, in the kitchen. So I went back outside to sing for a few more hours.

As the light started to fade, I found myself back in the kitchen where the “truth or dare” players were still hard at it and evidently running out of ideas; it seems to be a thing with those kind of party games. So Matt’s turn rolled around and he chose a dare. As he’d already dropped his trousers for the crowd earlier, he vetoed that request on the grounds of repetition. So I volunteered for a little madness.

“If we can call this my go as well,” I said, “I’ll challenge you to a race, Matt. We’ll go to the end of the street and race back to the house with our trousers at half mast.”

Within seconds, we were out on the street while a crowd of drunk students were further refining the rules. Apparently, we were to grab a hat that Izzy was holding to claim victory. I should have guessed this would be a bad idea – no sooner had we dropped our trousers and started running, Izzy hared off with the hat down the road and out of sight.

A word to the wise: if you’re going to try this at home, empty your pockets. Matt lost his wallet first, then grabbed my phone when it fell out of my pocket. Trying to hold it to ransom, he ran back toward the house, past his own wallet lying unnoticed on the pavement. So I grabbed it off the pavement and forced an exchange of hostages. Meanwhile we’d given up on finding Izzy and the finishing-line hat. Worse still, I realised my belt had come off and went on a search for it, only to find Matt’s belt. Mine turned up further back down the road.

In all, it was an entertaining little break in the evening. Try it sometime – so long as you’re wearing underwear, they can’t touch you for it…

~ by Scary Rob on 13 September, 2010.

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