Doctor Who – The Vampires of Venice

Before I launch in, I have to make one thing clear: I enjoyed this episode. I enjoyed it a lot. I thought this series was fantastic and I look forward to enjoying it all again on DVD sometime. So understand me when I say that this was good, solid Doctor Who of the old school. You have a scary monster villain, a world takeover plan, a historical setting, some supernatural goings-on dressed up in sci-fi terms, and a good-natured supporting human hero who does the noble sacrifice thing. When I say this episode is unremarkable, that’s to say that this is an average Doctor Who episode. Average Doctor Who is still ten times as good as average TV in general.

That said, in the context of the series, there were some nice touches. The kind of character development this episode has given to Rory is brilliant. It shows what he really can be and makes him a great character. The companion’s boyfriend model has been done before for Mickey, admittedly, but this is a fresh take on it. A take that develops Amy as well and somehow, by some genius, manages not to leave a spare-wheel situation. It’s a nice set-up for later in the series and a dynamic that’s not been done before. The supporting characters came across well in this episode, too, with Lucian Msamati in particular giving a memorable and sympathetic performance as Guido.

The other little sparkle for this show is the location used for filming. Getting renaissance Venice across on screen was always going to be a difficult task, but BBC Wales’ use of the Croatian town of Trogir was absolutely inspired and manages to portray the setting well. In all, this really was a good, solid episode.


~ by Scary Rob on 8 September, 2010.

3 Responses to “Doctor Who – The Vampires of Venice”

  1. What I really liked about this is the reason the Doctor opposes the Calvieri, not because they have effectively murdered desperate women, not because they’re planning to destroy Venice and all it’s inhasbitants, not even that they execute somebody the Doctor tried to save, but that they don’t take the time to remember her name…

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