And So It Begins…

The biggest problem with coming back to blogging after a long break is that I never know what to write. Week-on-week, it’s relatively easy. What’s made me happy, what excitement’s happened, what’s made me angry. I pick the thing that’s been most on my mind and write five hundred words about it. After a month or two, though, it gets hard to pick the most important thing since the last blog, and the thought of the week seems trivial in the perspective of a month of silence. So I suppose the best thing I can do is play catch-up. Six or more weeks worth of news should fill the space and get us all caught up, ready for my latest batch of regular ranting and giving that ranting some context.

In less than thirty days, I shall be a student again. That is apparently nailed on. Due to the way I’ve put my finances together for the year, I shall have to find a part-time job to go with my full-time course. Add to that the continuing saga of Harlequin’s Kiss and time is about to become a precious commodity for me. Consider these posts messages in a bottle from the social island on which I shall make my hermitage. And yes, I know that this doesn’t really count as “news” per se, given that this has been in the pipeline for a while.

What does count as news is that Harlequin’s Kiss now has a full lineup, courtesy of the guitarist we auditioned on Monday night. As usual, I came across him through the classifieds on Join My Band, but this time we had the chance to have a good chat (well, several in fact) online before he played with us, so we knew we were onto a winner before he walked through the door. Everything I told him about the project only seemed to fire his enthusiasm further. We’ll be debuting in a matter of months, with any luck.

Suddenly, it’s really starting to feel like my life’s hitting an exciting new chapter. Quite frankly, that’s something of a relief to me, as I realised the other day that this year has flown past in a blaze of ‘meh’. The ‘going nowhere’ feeling has been dogging me since April when losing my last job put the kibosh on me having any money and Si Barone’s lineup collapsing turned the music project into a five-month audition slog. We’ve pretty much been playing the same seven songs over and over. In the meantime, my dole sojourn and the last few months of paid work have just been a water-treading exercise while I wait for my MA course to start. Hopefully, things are about to pick up again and the usual insane roller-coaster I live on will start cresting the next peak. Scream if you wanna go faster!


~ by Scary Rob on 7 September, 2010.

2 Responses to “And So It Begins…”

  1. All sounding very positive Rob! Good luck with it all – I shall look forward to hearing your band play at the first opportunity!

    What’s the MA and where will you be studying?

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