I’m Not Dead

So after a promising restart, I’ve disappeared for a month again. Same as usual, eh? Well, what’s happened this time is that I got a job. Just a temp job, filing and archiving, but it pays the bills. And takes up ten hours of my day once you factor in travel. It came at exactly the wrong moment – I had some important bits of admin to sort out and they’re still outstanding nearly six weeks on.

One thing that this experience is teaching me, though, is how I need to plan my time better. Essentially, something’s got to give. As of October, I go back to university to do an MA, at which point I will still have to do about 16 hours a week of part-time work to feed myself. Add into this mix band practices, writing a novel, song writing, teaching myself the piano, blogging, roleplaying, and teaching myself Farsi. You can see how I may have bitten off more than I can chew here.

As I explained to my friend Holly once, I have a pathological need to write. It’s how I express myself best and it gets something out of my system. As things stand, though, I don’t think I can realistically fit writing a novel into my current schedule. Or at least not at two and a half thousand words per week. Perhaps the best thing I can do is use Nevermore and Running from Nothing as an outlet as they require less work even when combined. The self-teaching things take up less than an hour in total each evening. Hopefully, this means I can shift things round so I can fit in a paid job and my studies without compromising my musical career (such as it is). You could argue, looking at the list above, that perhaps the thing I should give up is roleplaying. I’d say you were right if it wasn’t the only thing I do that constitutes a social life at the moment.

Not that I’m complaining. In fact, it’s nice to know that I won’t feel like I’m wasting the bulk of my day as of October. I can’t say that eight hours of filing is a fulfilling way to spend each day of the week. Researching medieval history, on the other hand, is one thing I could merrily do with the rest of my life. So things are looking up. It’s just a case of finding a way of juggling everything without becoming a complete hermit.


~ by Scary Rob on 20 July, 2010.

3 Responses to “I’m Not Dead”

  1. Maybe I’m tired, but I now have a mental picture of you as a juggling hermit. You’re juggling balls. Brightly coloured ones… in a cave… and you have hair…

  2. oddly, no… which proves it’s all nonsense 😛 unless you have a solar powered philishave in this cave…

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