So the band thing has stalled yet again. My inner cynic says I shouldn’t be surprised, but you wouldn’t think that it would be so difficult to get a full band together after what has now been nine months of advertising.

Two weeks ago, I got bites on my latest advert. They both came about two weeks after I’d originally posted on Join My Band, which filled me with hope as anyone searching that far back in the archives must be serious. So I set up to audition them last Monday. The first one to bite suggested that we audition them separately, just so they could keep clear heads without competition and ego getting in the way (it turns out he’d had bad experiences with another guitarist on the competition front). So I gave them an hour apiece and went to our usual rehearsal.

The first guy arrived bang on time, a tall bloke with a big personality. Given that I’ve always been slightly nervous about the fact that Ed and Richie (the bassist and drummer, respectively) are laid-back types, it came as a relief that I might not have to be the whole front line. And when the guy started to play… Well, he was a brilliant guitarist. World class. He asked us for our full covers set list so he could take a look and it was looking likely that we’d be taking him on.

Nine o’clock rolled round and I got a text from the second guitarist. He’d got to the lamp but had an emergency and had to turn back. After some rearranging, we saw him on Thursday. Quieter guy, not as good a guitarist, but good enough at rhythm and liked the idea of working with the other guitarist (who he’d heard through the door on Monday). He liked my voice as well.

No ego problems. Two guitarists, one of whom is a world class lead. Wembley here we come?

Well, I phoned them both on Friday to let them know the master plan and got two nasty surprises. The first one was that Monday’s guitarist was mired in a PhD and, on seeing that our setlist had no songs he knew in it, came to the conclusion that he wouldn’t have time to learn the songs properly. The second was that Thursday’s auditionee was looking for work outside Birmingham and was unable to commit to us.

I have to say, this has been a bit of a slap in the face. We’ve had the occasional time-waster, but these guys looked promising. In fact, both auditions looked like we had done deals. Obviously, we’re not backing down and the search for a lead guitarist continues, so if you want the job, drop me a message here or email me on the address on the “about” page.

In other news, we decided to change the band name to “Harlequin’s Kiss,” because “Si Barone” was just eliciting incomprehension from people and looks wrong on paper.


~ by Scary Rob on 15 June, 2010.

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