A Lost Week

This fortnight has been something of a mixed bag. It just goes to show you never have things quite as under control as you’d like to think you do. Maybe it’s just me, but things in my life do have a habit of unravelling suddenly. From that point of view, I’ve kind of written this week off as far as getting anything useful done is concerned – it’s only sheer bloody-mindedness that’s making me write a late post rather than missing an update.

The weekend before last, Si Barone suffered a major setback. Ben, our guitarist contacted me online saying that he had to go on hiatus for a few months as his degree was getting on top of him. This revelation three weeks before we were due to play our debut gig was less than convenient, but it’s not a catastrophic setback. The crippling blow came the next day. Mick, the drummer, has been a sporadic presence since the start – we’ve seen him twice in as many months. About a week ago, he got in touch with Ed to say that he couldn’t commit the necessary time to a band. So we’re back to square one, advertising for a guitarist and drummer. Our worst case scenario is, of course, that we reform in the summer when Ben’s finished his exams, but we’re looking for musicians to get moving again sooner. Meanwhile, Ed and I are back to writing.

The reason I’ve written this week off, however, is because of a bigger disaster. My weeks depend heavily on my weekends. If I don’t sleep properly at the weekend, I’m not fit to work on weekday evenings. If I don’t get certain jobs done of a weekend, that buggers up the rest of my week as I scrabble to keep up with what I need to do. So our getting burgled on Friday and the consequent changing of locks that turned into a major operation on Saturday, along with the hours spent talking to a police constable on Sunday have impinged rather badly on my time this week. It doesn’t help that I’ve had a sleepless night or two to compound the situation.

I’m not unhappy, though. To be honest, losing focus for a week has helped me relax under what could be a very stressful set of circumstances. It means that I can reign things back under control this weekend and bounce back as I always do.


~ by Scary Rob on 25 March, 2010.

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