I was hoping for a bit of a low-key start, I must admit. You have to bear in mind that, as a frontman, I’ve had very little stage experience and about nine years of rust to contend with. For that matter Ben and Ed, our guitarist and bassist, are scraping rust off, too. And to make matters worse, I’m the only one of the three of us who’s ever written music. So we’ve kicked ideas around and put together a covers set to fill us out for an hour while we get new songs written. And what, of course, is the point of having a set if you don’t play it? So the master plan was to open up some of our rehearsals to the drinking public and get us some stage experience playing covers.

The set’s been through several incarnations over the months, reaching its final form about two weeks ago. So last Monday we knuckled down, worked out what we had in a satisfactory state and set a schedule to learn the new material. According to the original plan, Ed and I wanted to do this first, low-key gig on the first week in March. As you’ve no-doubt guessed from the fact that I haven’t been screaming it from the rooftops, we’ve not played tonight. We are, in fact, about a month behind – not helped by the fact that we’re having to rearrange some of the songs on the list.

At the risk of boring you with technical details, one case in point is “Sexbomb.” We want to play something like the radio edit, but there’s only tabs for the album version on the net. And, yes, they are very different. So we kicked ideas about, played the album version’s bassline, played the chords, and had a damn good think.

“Well, try using power chords and speed it up,” I said. “We’ll try it as a rock song.”

A quick run through and Ben told me I sounded out of breath. Back to the drawing board. I can’t remember whose idea it was, but the next thing, Ben showed Ed how to flatten it a bit and we tried playing the punk version. I hadn’t done my Johnny Rotten impression in years. We just about managed to get the first verse and chorus out before descending into fits of giggles. I thought it sounded quite good, but Ben thinks Wales may declare war if we play that in public…

So, with a schedule in hand, we set a date for this debut gig: a Monday night as planned. After our practice finished, we had a word with the landlord of the Lamp, Eddie, to make sure we were booked in properly for this little performance.

“Oh no, you don’t want to do a gig on a Monday. Let’s book you in for a Saturday.”

Oh. God. So much for low-key.

The date is pending confirmation from our drummer. I’ll let you know when we nail it on properly.


~ by Scary Rob on 2 March, 2010.

One Response to “Developments”

  1. I quite enjoyed the punk version aswell. Maybe worth keeping in mind as an encore?

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