Kicking My Heels

It seems like all I’ve done this week is stop and take stock. Nothing’s moving; everything’s floating around me as nebulous plans. Due to a private party at the Lamp, Si Barone didn’t end up rehearsing last Monday. Instead we ended up gathered in my bedroom re-jigging the setlist – changing some of the songs and changing the order a bit. It’s been very useful, and our eventual debut should be better for it, but I’m still itching to be back behind a mic again.

Even my domestic life is full of nebulousness. I’ve made three lists, one of things to be done in the garden, one of things I’ll be doing in the house when I inevitably get rained off the garden, and one of things I’m going to do to bushes over the Easter weekend. Of course, this weekend didn’t host the first of my gardening Sundays. And the coming weekend is going to be taken up with planning a novel. I have to commit the whole weekend to novel planning, you see, or otherwise I’ll bog myself down in other things I’m convinced I have to do instead.

So there you have it. I’ve stopped myself gardening, the band’s had a break for two weeks, and my new and better idea for a novel needs structure. It’s not a feeling of limbo, as such, more one of waiting for the action to begin again.

In fact, other things seem to have stalled, too. Something’s gone wrong with my university applications in that I’m being pestered for references. On the one hand I’m worried that the forms have gone astray in the post, but on the other I don’t want to badger my referees. And as for my social life, I’ve been wanting to do more video nights at my place (thanks for coming on Saturday, guys!), simply because it’s not as expensive as going out on the beer, but I can’t plan anything for the next month as I want to be able to drop everything and go visiting in Sheffield as soon as my niece is born. Even this article is a blogger’s equivalent of thumb-twiddling. There’s a lot of things making me angry at the moment that I want to shout about on here, but I’m deeply aware of this blog becoming too political. As the pundits are expecting the general election to coincide with the locals on 6th May, I’m wary of bombarding you all with my rants against the government. Instead, I’m going to do a series of political posts in April and sit on my hands until then. At least that way the ire can be broken up with Doctor Who reviews.

So another week goes by with no adventures, no angst, and no news. Aren’t you glad you came? Well, tell you what – I’ll try and have a crisis this week, just so I’ve got something interesting to say next Monday.


~ by Scary Rob on 22 February, 2010.

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