This month seems to be the one where my world turns upside down. Every ball that I’ve tried to set rolling recently suddenly seems to be gathering speed at once and, to be perfectly frank with you, I can’t help feeling a little bewildered.

Firstly, the band has gone very suddenly from a stalling project into something that seems to be working very well. Just the fact of gaining a guitarist has let some things fall into place. I honestly think we have the potential to sound very good and put on a damn fine rock ‘n ‘ roll show. Once we get a proper set written…

The second big thing is my writing work. A switch flicked in my brain recently that made me abandon my novel in favour of a different one that was building up in my head. One that would actually make a better book. That same switch has given me the impetus to get my new project, Running from Nothing, going (and about bloody time – I’ve only been planning it for two years…) and has given me the desire to start writing more random short stories. If you cast your eyes about the internet, you may well see more of me as the year progresses.

The third big development is a bit of a mixed bag. My current paid job values me highly but pays me very badly and my depot is being taken over by a private contractor soon. Some recent meetings clarified a very important point as regards my future: I haven’t got one. Agency workers are not part of the takeover, so I am very probably going to be out of a job before the end of summer. This has pressed some of my panic buttons and sent me scrabbling to find other, better employment. With any luck, I may be able to afford a night out once in a while…

The only thing that isn’t moving at the moment is my university application. I’m applying for postgrad study on the basis that I’ll at least enjoy an academic career if the artistic stuff doesn’t take off and I find I have to do something resembling a real job. I’m going to have to poke some things with sticks to get that little issue moving again, I think. We all need fallback plans…

So I’m out of my complacent little rut, at last. It’s taken me about eight months to get here from making the decision, but I’m here now and running free over the open plains. The downside has been that I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment, but I think it’s going to prove worth it in the end. The next big step, of course, is to find a way of getting enough sleep.


~ by Scary Rob on 15 February, 2010.

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