Continuing the theme of “tales from the rock band,” I’d like to tell you about the other half of our little talent search. Yes, the epic saga entitled “how we got a drummer”. It’s slightly longer than the tale about how we got blood from a stone, so bear with me…

It all started, of course, with that first advert on the internet. I put up our ad on two websites, joinmyband.com and partysounds.co.uk, as they were the ones I found first, then I crossed my fingers and trusted to luck. Within a couple of days, there were replies up under the Join My Band ad. There was a guitarist who sounded interested, and a drummer who was both interested in us and the guitarist. They both left links to their work on MySpace and YouTube, and I have to say the guitarist was very good. We arranged a day for him to come down and audition and he never turned up. We haven’t heard from him since. This is, unfortunately, a running theme. As for the drummer, he was an interesting case.

This drummer, Raj, was only sixteen and not a brilliant timekeeper, but he was just about good enough so we arranged to meet up with him by the bronze bull in the city centre. Our first attempt to link up failed, allegedly because his phone broke so he couldn’t confirm the time with us. We arranged another date, a Saturday morning, and he said he was going to bring a friend. So I went to the bull.

After five minutes of waiting, I got a text: I’m here, where are you?

Leaning on the tail, I replied. No-one approached me. I looked around. A bunch of older sci-fi fan types, the occasional tourist, some shoppers of various ages and ethnicities, and a trio of teenage lads. I shrugged my shoulders and went for broke.

“Have you guys seen a sixteen-year-old drummer?” I asked the teenagers. “I seem to have misplaced one.”

“No,” they said.

So I went back to leaning on the bull. I phoned Raj and he didn’t pick up. The teenage trio had wandered off and I continued my wait. Eventually, one of the trio reappeared and said, “Are you really Rob?”

I put this question to you all: If you’re meeting someone you’ve never seen before, and they come up to you and ask in a totally unambiguous manner if you’re the person who’s arranged to meet them, is “no” the right answer?

So we had a chat and arranged for Raj to audition for us on the following Monday. Monday rolled around and I texted him five minutes before we we’re due to start to ask him if he was still coming.

Sorry mate, found another band.

Well, thanks for letting us know so we could get someone else in that night…

As it happens, a friend of Ed’s is drumming for us now and he’s both more reliable and a better drummer.


~ by Scary Rob on 8 February, 2010.

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