I have to admit, I kind of hate winter. I hate the grey skies, the cold nights, the cold rain and the days after snowfall when the pavements are covered in ice and slush. This is springing to mind at the moment because of the last three weeks and the accompanying snow. One thing I’m wondering is, did the country always grind to a halt at the first sign of a few snowflakes? I don’t remember ever being snowed out of school as a kid or my dad not going to work. But then again, I was brought up in the Don valley – we never got the worst of the weather. Admittedly, there were one or two Christmases where we didn’t go to visit the family in Liverpool on Boxing Day, but that was usually due to gales and ice over the Pennines, not snow drifts.

A friend of mine currently resident abroad has been complaining that everyone’s facebook status here in the UK seems to be about how they don’t have to go to work because of the snow. Being a temp paid by the hour, I can’t say I share their happiness. The one day I wasn’t able to haul my sorry backside to work, I was left on a station platform for two hours before giving up on the train and resented the loss of every penny as I traipsed home in the cold.

I suppose I ought to be grateful. The last few winters have been rather mild, although still characterised by dullness, mists and cold rain. I think the problem is that that rain has carried on into the summer. I am, by nature, a summer person. I discovered this by accident in my late teens when I actually started going out and enjoying the parks around Cambridge rather than hiding in my bedroom painting Warhammer figurines. I have some happy memories of the Strawberry Fayre and afternoons in bright sunshine on Christ’s Pieces. I’ve had some good summers at university, as well. I think I spent about three months in 2006 in the beer garden of the Old Varsity Tavern.

And that just underscores the last three years, really. I should have spent a lot more time in the garden, both digging it and lying in it. In fact, I think I got the best use out of it in spring last year. The things is, I read somewhere that the last few wet summers weren’t, in fact, the result of climate change, but a freak situation. Last winter being so mild, I’m hoping the bitter cold we’ve had in the weeks before and after Christmas are an indication that we’re going to get a blazing hot summer this year. I’ll spend every weekend sat in the garden with a cold cuba libre…


~ by Scary Rob on 18 January, 2010.

One Response to “Winter”

  1. The country does fall apart a bit at the first sight of a snowflake in my experience (at least where I was in the south east), but not generally from being snowed out. It’s more a combination of people not knowing how to drive in snowy and icy conditions causing traffic jams, and the general work ethic of avoiding work if at all possible using the jams as an excuse.

    Can’t say I’m with you on the summer thing. Too hot and sticky for me. Tho other 3 seasons are ok though.

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