Some Speculation

Note to Doctor Who fans: this article contains spoilers for “The End of Time”

I’m here to talk Time Lords today. I’m here to speak of the Old Times, the Time War and the future of a particular BBC science fiction series as new executive producers take the helm. Basically, something significant must be going on because Russell T. Davies has previously stated that he wouldn’t be returning to the series as a writer. So if The End of Time was Davies’ final story and the show is now truly Steve Moffatt’s creative baby, why are there so many unanswered questions left dangling tantalisingly before us? The obvious answer is, of course, that some balls have been set rolling in preparation for Moffatt’s own vision to take over. If any concrete proof is needed, take the destruction of the TARDIS control room. There was no logical, on-screen reason for the damage given but we do know that the set has been redesigned for the new series, which suggests that the big questions are there to be answered later on.

So who was the woman that kept appearing to Wilf? What is the nature of the Doctor’s relationship with the President of the Time Lords? And what does it all mean?

Firstly, there are two obvious candidates for the mysterious Time Lady. One is Chancellor Flavia, a character seen in The Five Doctors that the Doctor left in charge when he was technically President of Gallifrey. Alternatively, it could be Romana, the Doctor’s Time Lady former companion. On screen, she was left in a parallel universe, but books and audio serials in the last twenty years have made her a later President of Gallifrey herself. Either of these characters could still be movers and shakers in Time Lord politics. Given the way she and the Doctor looked at each other during the big confrontation, I’m favouring Romana as my guess right now.

As for the President: the Doctor addresses him as Rassilon during the confrontation. Rassilon was the leader of the Time Lords when they first became time travellers some ten million years ago. Like King Arthur, he never actually died but remained sleeping instead. His body was seen in The Five Doctors, and further books and audio stories had him make appearances in various spiritual forms. This suggests that the dusty and complacent Time Lords, when faced with a direct war with the Daleks, resurrected their mythical leader from a more ruthless age and he still holds power over a Gallifrey locked outside of the real universe.

I think something big is coming. Evidently, Gallifrey and the Time Lords can return to this universe and Rassilon would have more than one plan to realise that goal. The fact of Rassilon as a leader and the presence of a significant and mysterious Time Lady also point to a future confrontation with the Time Lords. This counts double when you factor in that Steve Moffatt is a more traditional Doctor Who fan than Russell T. Davies. I doubt he could resist the temptation for very long…


~ by Scary Rob on 11 January, 2010.

2 Responses to “Some Speculation”

  1. Romana was who jumped at me when you saw her behind Dalton. However, a lot of media has been calling her the doctor’s mother. It also felt to me that there might have been stuff on the cutting room floor to do with her.

    Rassilon being an Arthurian figure returning also seems sensible. IMDB lists him as ‘Lord President’, but when you click on it you go to a page for Rassilon.

    Do be warned that there are a couple of S5 spoilers on IMDB if you look around too much

  2. You know, Hypervole assumed she was the Doctor’s mother as well. Personally, I’m willing to rule that out on the basis that one of the most important aspects of the Doctor as a character is the mystery surrounding him. Give him such an obvious tie to his past and the mystery goes – the producers know that. Besides, Steve Moffatt is more of a traditionalist than Davies, so that counts double for him taking over.

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