Goodbye 2009

Happy New Year to you all! May 2010 and the next decade bring you success and happiness. I’ll be back to real posts soon with a review of The End of Time, but for now it’s time for my annual retrospective of the first posts of the month.

Yeah, I’m afraid it’s a little scanty this year…


In many ways, I am a superstitious person.

It seemed like a promising start to the year, within a couple of weeks there was the big announcement that Matt Smith had been cast as the eleventh Doctor and I managed to even get a normal post out in the first week of the year. Although, as usual, it took me until the end of the month to post my review of the Doctor Who Christmas special.


I went to the doctor’s the other week.

A little incident from life that amused me. It was my only post for the month (for the next six, in fact), due to writer’s block in February followed by some major decisions making me drop while I tried to reorganise my time. It’s just a shame that it seems to have taken me nine months to get back to being satisfied with how I work again.


It’s the end of an era.

I actually wrote that post in March. This month was my attempt to reassert control of a life that was running away with me a little. I wasn’t sleeping properly, I was spending time on a hobby that had become an utter burden, and I was having work dumped on me from every angle at a time when I had had my working hours cut to save my employers money. It’s only been in the last month that I’ve managed to get that situation sorted out.


Have you ever felt that the world makes no sense?

A little bit of personal musing, mostly born out of my spending more time in the garden this year. It turned out to be a bit of a rough month, but at least I got two posts up.


If I found lamp – you know, one of those ancient, traditional oil lamps that looks suspiciously like a gravy boat – and if on my trying to clean it I accidentally released a genie, I would have only one wish.

This post says it all. Playing catch-up with a workload in the office that had long since spiralled out of control, insomnia and a social life gone to Hell in a handbasket due to lack of money put me on the ropes for a bit. Hence my failing to post at all in November for the second year running.


I used to be a chart-watcher.

One question: did you buy Killing in the Name?

Surprisingly, I enjoyed this year. I’ve come away with a new sense of direction and a better handle on the world. With any luck, 2010 will be there year my plans start to bear fruit.

Thank you, all of you, for sticking with me and my sporadic blog. I really do hope you have a fantastic year. I know I’m going to.

~ by Scary Rob on 2 January, 2010.

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