The Triumphant Return

What with my having appeared back on the internet out of the blue last week, I suppose I should give an account of what I’ve been doing since February. Besides buying jackets, I mean.

It’s more doom and gloom, I’m afraid. The recession has bitten us all one way or another, and I’m in the unenviable position of merely scraping a living while I wait for a bullet from above. My job could, in theory, be terminated any day now and my job-hunting prospects don’t look particularly rosy. The best way I can put it in perspective is the cover of every Thursday’s Birmingham Mail. On the header bar is the advert for the weekly Jobs pull-out, claiming the vast number of vacancies advertised in there. A mere two years ago the Mail would advertise “1000+ Jobs” weekly. Now it frequently dips as low as “250+”.

Last week, I decided to start taking my half-hearted job hunt of the last six months seriously. I booked a day off work to have a trek round town and badger the employment agencies, and it was a weird experience. Wages are way down, for a start – some places aren’t advertising anything that pays more than £7.00 per hour. Furthermore, I was told by one high street agency that the six-month gap in my CV means that they are unlikely to be able to get me anything at all. Where this became bizarre was later in the afternoon, when I knocked on the security-sealed door of an international recruitment agency on spec. A little joke with the consultant who answered and I was let in for a rushed chat with somebody five minutes before they went into a meeting. The result of this chat was that they had a potential vacancy coming up that they think I might be very suited to. So, apparently, I’m not good enough for the high street small fry, but the bigger players are all over me…

The reason it has taken me so long to get this far is a construct of my own psychology. Up until very recently, I was coasting along in a rut. I had a grand plan that involved a career path and would mostly result in my making money. I even opened a savings account (how grown up…). Then one day I realised that I didn’t know what I was doing it for. Voices at the back of my head were saying things about supporting a family, but I don’t even have a girlfriend. And this is why I had a six-month break from blogging: I’ve been a while deciding what I want to do. The current job search comes from the need for money to help the grand plan, but now the grand plan isn’t just to make money. And the new grand plan actually involves me blogging, so you can plan on hearing from me more frequently for a while.


~ by Scary Rob on 17 August, 2009.

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