Goodbye 2008

So I’m stuffed full of plum pudding and have drunk so much brandy I may well ignite if you light a match too close. The mark of a good Christmas. The festive season is nearly over, as is the year, and I’d like to take this opportunity to look back at the year through a Nevermore-shaped lens. It’s been a roller-coaster year, what with that period of unemployment in the middle, and I’ve come out with a better sense of direction than I had before. I hope 2008 has been good for you, too.

In the same format as last time, I present below the first sentence of each month:


Sorry I’ve been away for most of the month, life’s caught up with me a little and a lot of people have wanted my attention this month.

A bit of a personal opening to the year. I’m sure I developed a policy of not writing so much about my private life before I made this post. Maybe I’m wrong. What’s notable here is how quickly this vague set of New Years Resolutions got broken. That fiction project on Vox still hasn’t emerged, for example…


I didn’t post anything this month. This was the month I finally quit my job in the cinema after about four years of service at various sites in the company. At the time, I was working two jobs – a day job in finance and the cinema in the evening. January and February are so bare of posts due to sheer lack of time.


Well, I’m sorry for vanishing off the face of the Earth for the best part of a month.

March was also a bare month. It was also the month I left my main job – two days after the final post. I was under stress from my job, seeing a psychiatrist and trying to find a way to cure my damned insomnia. It turned out the answer to everything was the dole. Who knew?


Sorry I’ve been away for so long.

This was the only post. A late Doctor Who review. By the skin of my teeth, I managed to review the whole series this year. And, yes, there will be a review of the Christmas special.


Quite simply, this is the kind of episode I watch Doctor Who for.

The month began with another review. This was the month where I made the best decision of my computing life – ditching Windows in a fit of pique and going over to Linux. I didn’t make many “real” posts that month. Still recovering from my last job and hunting for a new one in the meantime, my main motivator for writing was my personal reviewing challenge.


I turned my back for a few days this week only to discover I’m another year older.

The month of anger. I had a bit too much time to think, by the looks of things. The results were good, though – I’m quite pleased with the political and philosophical rants that resulted.


With less than five hours to go before the grand finale, I just want to get my two cents into the public domain.

More Doctor Who. I’d apologise, but the reviews bring more hits to Nevermore than any of my other posts. There was only one general post for this month, and I fell silent after the 10th. This was because my money was running out so my job hunt became desperate. I wrote nothing – not even a sentence of my novel – for nearly two months.


Hey! I’m back! Did you miss me?

I briefly broke my silence for a whinge here. By the end of the month, I had a job. For two weeks. Fortunately, this broke the ice and got me into my current, long-term role.


So here it is: the end of an era.

Fatigue has crippled my writing. I have an 8 o’clock start on the far side of the city and I’m not a morning person. In fact, my body doesn’t really like to sleep before midnight. I’m working on it.


What happened to November?

This post was really a reminder that I’m still alive. Due to not being able to focus properly, I’ve not got much work done for Nevermore. My novel, on the other hand, is coming on a lot better. Hopefully, I can get things sorted so that 2009 is much more productive both on the blogging front and the fiction front.

So there it went. 2008. I think I’ve learned a lot about dealing with life through what was a bit of a rough year. And now I’m bouncing back stronger than ever before. Have a good 2009, everyone. Mine’s going to be awesome….


~ by Scary Rob on 29 December, 2008.

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  1. You missed out August!

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