What happened to November? It feels like I’ve just turned around at the end of October to find Christmas hurtling towards me. November is something of a nowhere month, admittedly, what with having no holidays and a lack of sunlight to boot, but I’m still having trouble believing how quickly it’s disappeared this year.

And now here I am staring down the barrel of another Christmas. For some reason, I feel as though I should love Christmas. I can be Mister Joie de Vivre sometimes and a festival full of sparkly lights and good food should tickle that part of me to its core. Yet the last few years haven’t inspired me with the almighty Christmas Spirit. Maybe I need a Christmas Eve haunting…

For a while, I thought it was just a circumstantial thing. Christmas chez parents has been a hectic affair recently, with us not really settling down to enjoy the holiday until Christmas Day. If there’s one thing that usually gets me in the mood, it’s watching The Muppet Christmas Carol. Perhaps my mistake last year was that I didn’t put the video on until Boxing Day. Believing this, I watched it the other night with my housemate. It didn’t work; I still feel distinctly un-christmassy. The halls of my house are decked, the lights are up in my workplace and I’m going out on the beer on Saturday, but it’s still just another month of winter to me. Maybe when I finish work and start to relax a little, I’ll start to look forward to it.

Maybe it’s just that adulthood’s hit me now. Christmas comes with attendant money worries as you balance the partying and the presents with paying the rent and bills. This counts double for the fact that, being an office temp, I’m on lower paycheques over Christmas because of the days I’m not in work. This is the joy of being paid by the hour. I wonder sometimes if I’m just a prostitute with a keyboard. Maybe it also stems from the fact that I’m never organised enough to have bought presents in advance, so I’m still left panicking about what to get people the day before Christmas Eve. Or on Christmas Eve itself, for that matter.

Adulthood also comes with other Christmas-scuppering responsibilities, mostly the fact that most of us have to work right up to sunset on Christmas Eve. The only time off is Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and even Boxing Day is out if you happen to work in the leisure industry. Still, I shall try and train myself into Christmas, even if it does prove fruitless. I’d like to say I at least tried.

This is my last post until the run-up to New Year (when I’ll post the now-traditional retrospective), so I shall bid you all a Merry Christmas and I’ll see you in 2009.

Merry Christmas, everybody!


~ by Scary Rob on 19 December, 2008.

3 Responses to “Woosh!”

  1. I’m not feeling chrstmassy yet either… which is because of the weather. When it’s icy cold with occasional snow, I’m in the mood. When it’s mushy and warm-ish like now, it doesn’t work. Or maybe it’s the chemistry exam I have to study for over te holiday 😉

  2. I concur with the lack of yule tide feelings, tho I havnt really felt christmassy since 3rd year of uni upto crimble eve. But yes i think this may the joys of adulthood and all that entails. However im sure that after a while we’ll get use to it and christmas can fill our hearts with joy and cake some more.

  3. I (still) work in a supermarket so that automatically makes me hate xmas!

    But anyway my job sounds a million times prostituteish than yours.
    The customers come in, you have to provide good customer service, doing whatever they want and giving them everything they ask for, and then at the end take all their money off them which you get fuck all out of because the managers (pimps) take it all for their wages!

    And yes i still hate my job just as much as ever…

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