Eddies @ BUSK

Oops! It’s been over a month since I last posted. I have my reasons – the short version (for those of you who don’t read my MySpace blog) is that I got a job and couldn’t find writing time for a while.

I have, however, found time to attend a christening of sorts. Any rocker who has had a night out in Brum over the last couple of decades will no-doubt have heard of Edward’s No. 8 and Birmingham rockers and my regular readers will remember the fire that put an end to the club a couple of years ago. My friends, a phoenix has risen from the ashes. On 3rd October, a new venue launched on Gough Street in Birmingham: BUSK. On Fridays and Saturdays it plays host to Eddies nights and I was lucky enough to be around on the first Friday night there.

I have to say that I like the venue. I had a look round before the place opened, courtesy of Colin Wall (former manager of Edwards No. 8), and I was pretty impressed form the start. The building is the old Birmingham United Service Club, a 1950s building that apparently played host to a jazz club for a while. The fixtures and fittings are pleasant enough and lent themselves well to having the walls painted black and adorned with Darrel Bevan‘s characteristic artwork. The place has three, good-sized bars that allow the three-room set-up that Eddies had before it burned down. I was particularly impressed by the basement room, christened the Dungeon, which has a low ceiling and blacked-out, false windows, giving it a creepy, oppressive atmosphere.

The opening night itself was brilliant. Where I was expecting the sense of homecoming that there was at the Gosta Green’s New Year party just after the fire, BUSK’s opening night had something equally exciting about it, if a little more mundane. There was an atmosphere of curiosity as the old hands settled in to the new venue and the students from the three local universities’ Rock and Goth Societies got to grips with the night scene in a new city. There was a buzz about the place. From that point of view, the management had chosen the right band to headline in the main room that night: Rattlesnake Remedy.

Maybe I’m biased. I have a fondness for Rattlesnake Remedy having come across them supporting an Aerosmith tribute act back in 2005. I’ve had some great nights out when they’ve been playing and they’re one of my favourite local acts. But they do put on a great performance and Lee Stone is a fantastic front man – exactly what was needed to warm the crowd up for a monster of a club night.

That’s not to say the night didn’t have its teething troubles. A couple of minor aspects needed work and there were some technical faults, but I hear the management are already on it. This will soon be the best rock club in Birmingham. Long live Eddies! Long live BUSK!


~ by Scary Rob on 13 October, 2008.

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