Doctor Who – Turn Left

I’m not really sure if I should be reviewing this separately to the grand finale; it feels like it’s doing more than just foreshadowing the next two episodes. Yet, on the other hand, it doesn’t quite flow into the final two-parter the way Utopia did.

I liked Turn Left. This is something of a big deal given that I roll my eyes to heaven all the more frequently when I see Russell T. Davies credited as writer these days. My big complaint with his style is that he writes in disjointed set-pieces with poor plotting between them. This week it didn’t matter. Turn Left is all about the consequences of Donna meeting the Doctor, or more to the point, what would have happened if she’d not made him leave as the Empress of Racnoss died. Two years of Earth-affecting events without the Doctor’s intervention will never flow perfectly, so the story can jump from set-piece to set-piece without the lack of coherency becoming an issue.

Furthermore, I like Donna. When she first appeared in The Runaway Bride, she annoyed me for ten minutes before growing on me, then proceeded to do the same again in Partners in Crime. She is very much an “Everyman” kind of character (except, you know, a woman…) and that makes her easy to identify with (yeah, Fitz was my favourite character from the novels), so it was nice to get to know her better. And it’s also interesting to see how important she is to the meta-plot.

I will have one gripe, though. The scene where the beetle first reaches over Donna’s shoulder was marred by the model work. It was a stiff, plastic stick of a leg, and looked like it. For the sake of an articulated joint, it could have looked more real.


~ by Scary Rob on 5 July, 2008.

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