A Rant

I think the world’s gone mad. Or perhaps it’s just the UK. Either way, I’m beginning to wonder just how I’ve managed to end up languishing on the dole for the past three months. They sell you a lie when you’re in secondary school. They throw “facts” and figures around telling you how much more on average a graduate earns compared to someone who leaves school with just their A-Levels, they tell you a degree is a passport to a better job and they throw UCAS at you as if going to university is the only next step, yet the picture the powers that be in education build for you is a nonsense.

I have a degree in Ancient and Medieval history. Unlike many students, I worked a paid job throughout my entire course at university. I trained people at other sites for my company, I opened a new site, and I did a damn good job of the day-to-day stuff as well. And here I am feeling virtually unemployable.

I’ve applied for the retail positions, but it looks like I’m only fit for shop floor work, for some reason. I’m trying to get into administration roles, but apparently you can only get those things if you leave school at eighteen and become an office junior within six months. If I’d have just thrown my degree over and actively pursued a career as a purveyor of popcorn to the cinema-going masses, I’d be a manager by now.

Instead, I can’t seem to break back into retail or leisure at a higher level than where I started. I’d rather be doing office work, but I’m too old to be an office junior and too inexperienced to be an administrator. And, frankly, the fact of my having a degree makes some people see me as just plain over-qualified. The joke is, so many people have degrees nowadays that only a first class one will do. With my mediocre 2:2, I may as well have spent the last three years shovelling horse-shit rather than studying. At least I’d be a slightly better grade of shit-shoveller by now. They might even have let me onto the racehorses. Or the fucking unicorns.

So I need to sit back and take stock. If I were talking to myself (and, let’s face it, blogging is only one step away) I’d be telling myself to focus, to ask myself what it is I really want. Focus on your goals and you can think of a plan for getting them. And then I realise that I just don’t know what I want anymore. Maybe I should just go get myself a yurt.

This scream in the dark was brought to you by a man who wished he shovelled unicorn shit for a living.


~ by Scary Rob on 10 June, 2008.

3 Responses to “A Rant”

  1. Try going to the job advice place at uni centre (can’t remember what it’s called), they’re perfectly happy to see alumni and told me I could come back after graduation if I needed.

    When I went the woman had some good advice, only I couldn’t do much of it because I didn’t have the time. One thing she suggested with getting into office work (which I’ve never done) was to do some volunteering admin, that way you get some experience and do some good.

    http://www.bvsc.org/volunteer This is a birmingham site and you can search by location, work area (eg admin, retail, management), and charity/organisation type. I think there was another site as well but I can’t remember what it was, unless they’ve changed this one. Anyway there were a few interesting things there if you search a bit.

  2. Charity work *nods*

    I know it doesn’t pay, but a fair number of charities let people with all sorts of backgrounds work for them doing administration and such. If you’re serious about getting admin work as a ticket to management later on then that’s the way I’d go.

  3. Try just knocking on doors, cold call via mail, most positions are just not advertised, it is too much hassle for management. Get your presentation right, dare to win and you will win.

    Working for charities can give you some experience, opens doors and looks and adds to cv.

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