Doctor Who – The Doctor’s Daughter

I’m really not sure about this episode. Okay, sometimes Doctor Who marks time a little bit and gives us an episode of blatant filler where the script is mediocre and nothing of any real consequence happens, yet this story feels like so much nothing despite being a little bit universe-shattering.

It’s fairly obvious that Russell T Davies is hunkering down for the series to continue long after he puts down his typewriter. That’s fine. No, I’ll go further: it’s bloody fantastic! There’s no point in reviving a favourite TV show just to kick away the solid foundations you’ve laid as you leave. And here a future production team has a new option for continuation after the thirteenth Doctor dies in the form of the Doctor’s on-screen daughter. Furthermore, the concept of the episode was quite cool, the aliens were interesting and suitably… well… alien, and the twist at the end was brilliant. There’s also a beautiful, heart-rending scene with Martha and a Hath trekking across the planet’s wastes. Yet, somehow, I was a little bored.

I think the problem was that the episode played away from its strengths as a fantastic (and very Doctor Who) story to focus on the shiny new toy that was Jenny. Now, Georgia Moffett is very cute and the Doctor’s reactions to the situation were well scripted and played, but the whole thing seemed very cheesy to me. And therein lies this episode’s problem. A brilliant piece of science fiction laid waste by overplaying a bit-character (and, let’s face it, the story could have lived without her). This would have been a better episode without Jenny, and a character like her, a daughter for the Doctor, really deserved a plot in which she was more important to the grand plan.

Still, I liked the Hath.


~ by Scary Rob on 5 June, 2008.

One Response to “Doctor Who – The Doctor’s Daughter”

  1. Tbh, I was mostly watching it from the view of ‘oh thank god it’s not as bad as I expected!’

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