Torchwood – Sleeper

I should have been forewarned by the episode title. The latest edition had a promising start, if some thing of an X-Files cliché, but went rapidly downhill after the opening credits. The first half of the episode was just plain dull. Yes, I’m sure it’s fascinating watching the Torchwood team do experiments to find out what this creature who thinks she’s human is, but something was missing. Maybe it was the pacing, or maybe it was just that we weren’t given enough time to know the sleeper as a character (and I can’t for the life of me remember her name), but I just found it impossible to bring myself to care.

Then, too late, the action started. Okay, the murderous rampages by the other sleepers were creepy and compelling, but the main thrust of the plot became pretty predictable. Of course she was going to escape, of course her alien nature was going to take over and of course her death was the only way out. The ideas were all sound, but it was all so badly handled. Take a look at the scene where the random sleeper girl abandons a baby-laden pram to its fate in the road. It was creepy to watch as the pram rattled away, right up until it was spoiled by the bad sound effect of a screeching car that was obviously going twice the speed of all the ones in shot crashing into what sounded like a lamp-post rather than the pram. That sound effect was so clichéd that it made comedy out of what should have been a genuinely chilling moment. I think that scene sums up the episode; all the bits were there for a great piece of horror, yet they weren’t put together well enough to work as such.


~ by Scary Rob on 30 January, 2008.

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