Goodbye 2007

I hope you all had a fun and happy Christmas and that your hopes and dreams for 2008 all come to pass. Rather than posting properly, I thought I’d do a bit of a retrospective here based on a meme that does the rounds on LiveJournal at the end of December. Here is the first sentence of the first post of every month for this year – it’s interesting to stop see how far we’ve come sometimes.


I’ve had a little break now and I’m glad to say that I am now back in business.

So I begin the month with a tale of being ill at Christmas. Reasonable, I suppose. Ironically, after feeling half dead from dehydration a few days before Christmas 2006, I got myself a delirious fever from ‘flu a week before Christmas 2007. Here’s looking forward to malaria ’08…


Right, that’s it!

This little rant was an attempt to kick myself out of a fug that had had me in its grip for a while. While not as rough as 2006, 2007 began as a bit of a low year for me. A lot of personal problems were throwing me badly off-kilter. I seem a bit enthusiastic and ready to take on the world in this post, but it turned out that whatever high I was on when I wrote it was not destined to last long.


I have long been an opponent of the introduction of ID cards in the UK.

In March I was battered and defeated. The world seemed to be on top of me and I didn’t blog much. Yet I still found a moment for a political rant. The embers still burn!


There are times when I watch Doctor Who and it leaves me banging my head in frustration.

I didn’t write a single real post in April, mostly due to guilt about my unfinished dissertation, yet somehow I managed a couple of Doctor Who reviews. Make of that what you will. I didn’t have a reliable TV signal for most of the year, so thanks are due to Dave and Cathy (who I refer to as Gotsu and TJ when I’m still keeping my habit of name-covering) for taping most of this series for me and inviting me over to watch it with them when I wasn’t working. Cheers, guys!


I’m back.

This piece is mostly me justifying taking up blogging again to myself when I have so much other work to do. I was reaching my lowest ebb at this point. One night, I had a near panic attack at my desk. Fortunately, Adhur (known elsewhere online as Negshin) did a damn fine job of keeping me sane.


Okay, looks like my pause is going to be longer than I thought.

I took a blogging break to do my exams, expecting to be back online early in June. This turned out not to be the case. ‘Nuff said.


I think I’ve chosen a good time to come back.

More politics from the Rob. Given that my tone in this post seems cautiously optimistic, I’m looking back on it with a feeling of irony now. Six months on, I’d say that Brown is leading this country to the dogs.


My apologies to anyone who’s been waiting with bated breath for an update this week; it seems that there just aren’t enough hours left in the day for everything anymore.

This is actually the post of a man who’s beginning to reign his life back under control. I have purpose. I have drive. I think this post shows what a turning-point July turned out to be this year (despite the rain).


Tuesday was fun, but odd.

A pretty dull post done as filler. Well, you can’t have gold every week and i do try to blog every week sometimes. September turned out to be relatively uneventful, barring my two best mates leaving the country…


Once again, it appears I’ve vanished off the face of the Internet for two weeks.

I think that sentence just goes to show how unreliable a blogger I am. I was a little disheartened with my new life as a member of civilised society at the time, but I got used to things pretty quickly. October ended up as a month of discovery and optimism.


Igor has a lock on his door.

How I saved the day by climbing through my housemate’s bedroom window.


Sorry for the long absence, everyone.

This doesn’t count as a real post. I’ve had a busy December, so I only ended up writing the one piece in the end. I intend January to be better on that front.

So I began 2007 dreading the future and ended it quite enjoying the new challenges. Funny what a change of household can do for you. 2008 is coming and I’m looking forward to it. My New Year’s Resolution is simply to write more. I have a novel to finish, a new online fiction project and this blog. Thank you all for your support this year; it wouldn’t be worth bothering to write all this drivel without knowing someone out there was reading and enjoying it. Happy New Year, everyone!


~ by Scary Rob on 31 December, 2007.

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  1. Happy New Year !!

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