A Musical Interlude

The other night was just plain bizarre. I’d just finished work and went for a quick scoot round Tesco for a few essentials (cola and chocolate, for example…) before meandering to the local station to catch a train home. When I’ve got time on my hands before the train comes, I often wander to the end of the platform (away from the staring eyes) to sing classic rock songs loudly and raucously. It passes the time and stops me feeling like my voice is going rusty. Last Saturday, though, the train was due in five minutes as I arrived on the platform so I waited quietly for a while. Time ticked down on the arrivals board and the train I wanted was being increasingly delayed, so I started singing quietly as I could (my voice is such that I can’t quite manage an entirely unobtrusive volume) to stave away the tedium of the wait. Bugger the fact that I was on the crowded end of the platform, most people just ignore the musical loony anyway, I find.

As I neared the midway point of an AC/DC tune, a middle-aged guy arrived on the platform looking the worse for drink. He stopped a little way away from me and I carried on, off away in my own little world by now.

As I finished, he said, “That was nice, that was. Do us another.”

Can’t do any harm, I figured, so I went off into a bit of Alice Cooper and sank a little back into my own head.

Somewhere in the middle of this, he wandered off down the platform before reappearing at a run and putting his hand in my shopping bag. I looked down to find nothing obviously missing.

“What was that?” I asked, bemused.

“Just an empty hand,” he said. I shrugged and started singing Long Tall Sally.

At long last, the train arrived and the drunken guy chatted to me as we got aboard.

“I know that one. Jerry Lee Lewis isn’t it?”

“Nah. Little Richard, dude.”

“What’s that Jerry Lee Lewis one?”

“Great Ball of Fire.”

“Sing us that one.”

Well, I was kind of happy to, but rather than letting us stay by the doors he insisted on us taking seats in the middle of the carriage where we could best offend our fellow travellers. So, perspiring with embarrassment by now, I gave him a verse of Great Balls of Fire, before he had me doing a couple of tracks of Queen. He eventually got off the train in Selly Oak and I continued my journey in grateful silence. Mind you, it was nice to have my ego massaged by someone who came across as a bit of a music lover. And as I got off the train, I found out what he’d put in my bag. His empty sandwich wrapper.


~ by Scary Rob on 14 August, 2007.

5 Responses to “A Musical Interlude”

  1. LOL…smart guy….

  2. Rob dude…I feel almost priveleged to know that one of my closest friends is a complete nutter….
    this sort of thing could only happen to you…
    I despair…but love you anyway x

  3. Catherine – and yet you complain when I sing in public and you’re around…

  4. Yes, of course….I believe there is a sense of despair laced throughout my last comment…

  5. Now that is one heck of a story. Made me laugh anyway.

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