The World Around Us

My apologies once again for a late update. This week’s disaster is that the internet connection in my house has stopped working due to some problem with the DNS. That’s my excuse for not getting a midnight update in and I’m sticking to it, officer.

Anyway, now we’ve got the heat back I feel the need to rant about the weather again. Well, more to the point, human stupidity in our attitudes to it. The media has a bug up its arse about our ‘carbon footprints’ lately, a situation that has been coming since they started shoving Greenpeace style environmentalism down our throats in school lessons in the late ’80s. The day was always going to come when we started worrying about the things we do to the planet when ozone became a primary concern of GCSE chemistry lessons. Just like the state of the ozone layer twenty years ago, climate change has become the media byword for the human effect on the world around us. In one of the healthiest fads that’s ever crossed western society, we’ve started worrying about our ‘carbon footprints’ and begun recycling as a more regular part of our lives. And it’s our fear of the changing climate that’s driving this.

The question this begs for me is, are we being lied to or are the powers that be really so ignorant that they think climate change is a human factor? We are in an ice age at the moment. The world was noticeably warmer a mere seven centuries ago and there was a time when tropical vegetation grew in Antarctica. Life goes on and human life will survive a little change in world temperature. Furthermore, Earth’s climate fluctuates at random. I don’t have space for a proper explanation here, but the potted version is that Earth’s weather runs to a Chaotic system and the bifurcations in such a system’s behaviour means that the Earth’s climate will fluctuate rapidly between hot and cold spells. We’re in a relatively unusual cold snap right now, one that’s due to end. A little extra carbon in the atmosphere may be helping things along, but reducing coal power stations isn’t going to save us from another wave of summer floods.

Furthermore, mass extinctions happen from time to time anyway, so is there really a need to worry about biodiversity? In a hundred generations or so, there will be new species around to cope with the new challenges set up by humans. Arguably, our attempts at conservation are stopping the course of evolutionary progress.

And yet there’s nothing wrong with giving thought to how we affect the world around us and what we do in the way of damage to other species and our environment. So I ask which is more moral, to direct the cattle-like masses in a healthier direction by causing unfounded panic or to allow freedom of thought for good or ill?


~ by Scary Rob on 7 August, 2007.

One Response to “The World Around Us”

  1. Sometimes, these Carbon Nazis drive me up the wall. The sad thing is, if for some reason, the UK stopped emitting carbon, we turned off every light, and parked every car, China would make up for the difference in emissions in 13 months. So tell me, whats the point of all this foolishness ?

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