Summer Fun

Usually, I look forward to summer. At least, this has been the case for the past couple of years. Living in Cambridge for the time I did meant that summer was synonymous with ice cream by the river, basking in the sun on Jesus Green and watching the dragonflies hovering round the garden. Good things happen in the summer and sunlight makes me happy.

When I lived in Doncaster, back in my childhood and teens, I remembered very little of my summers. If we went away to Scotland or did something similarly exciting, it would kind of stick in my mind but, for the most part, my brother and I seemed to do very little other than watch T.V. I don’t recall seeing that much of my friends outside school until I was about 11. What I do remember was mostly pleasant, though. I enjoy mowing the lawn in the hot sunshine, for one thing; it gives me time to think. Large tracts of my novel were planned and half-written with the handle of a piece of machinery in my hand. I’m the kind of guy who likes to have a good lawn mower. Maybe it’s just a man thing, having a lust for tools that make noises.

This year, May took me by surprise a little – and what a pleasant surprise it was! After months of moping and depressive behaviour, I suddenly felt like I was able to write that dissertation that was the bane of my life and take the exams that would decide my final fate as a student. The sun shone and I had boundless energy. I moved house, retrieved all my books from Cambridge and was looking forward to lounging in the garden rereading ‘Eater of Wasps’ by Trevor Baxendale (you can get it for 29p from Amazon right now, apparently…). Life was looking good. Okay, so some of my best mates were planning to leave the country and life had a lot of potential for being pretty boring without them, but I was going with the whole thinking-positive thing here. Summer 2007 was going to be a glorious new beginning where I entered into the ‘real’ world in a glorious blaze of summer sunshine, taking a quick holiday before joining the work force in a glorious sun-kissed August. This summer was going to be one of the best.

It has now been pissing down with rain for six weeks solid. The first deluge identified a leak in the roof that can’t be fixed until there are a couple of dry days for the cement to solidify. I can’t quite move all my stuff in at the new place due to the final resting point of the leak being in my bedroom cupboard. The lawn, already somewhat neglected, is in a right state due to a lack of dry time for me to mow. The house is freezing cold when we don’t have the central heating on. ‘Global warming’ my arse…


~ by Scary Rob on 23 July, 2007.

3 Responses to “Summer Fun”

  1. I will sympathise about the rain. When I was in Brum before all this constant rain began I was going running all the time getting stronger and stronger. And because of the multitude of mountain and forest running tracks here I cant go cos I’ll get swallowed up by the mud. I just want it to dry up!

  2. Summer? What summer? British weather’s gone crazy !!

  3. This is Global Warming, a warmer world will mean a wetter world. Expect more of the same

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