Back in Black

I’m back. It’s taken me some time, but here I am. The reason I’ve been silent for two months is thus: I am about to fail my degree. I managed to develop the beginnings of depression this year and consequently was put out of action for three months by insomnia and a constant feeling that what I was doing with my life was all pointless and worthless. After having done no work for three months, I am in trouble. I have a whole dissertation to write for the 31st of this month, plus three exams and a presentation to do for modules I have only attended half the seminars for. Three years of university and I’ve fallen at the final hurdle. Oh, well. Shit happens.

Technically, I shouldn’t be blogging. I have so many other things to do that I shouldn’t be spending my time writing anything that doesn’t contribute to my possibly scraping a 3rd class BA. On the other hand, though, blogging is a purely self-indulgent activity for me, so I can bring myself to do it even when I’m in the doldrums. This means that blogging keeps me sane. While I’m producing something, I still have some fight left. My hope is that my continuing to write for public entertainment will give me the energy to write my dissertation. My fingers are crossed.

So what have I been doing for the past couple of months? Well, I’ve found new housemates and, theoretically, a new house. I’ve discovered that the BBC’s dead rat props as seen in ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’ and ‘Maid Marian and her Merry Men’ are, in fact, very realistic. I’ve also learned some lessons the hard way about getting work started sooner and knowing when it’s time to go home from the pub. I learned this lesson the same night I almost chinned a friend of a friend because I thought she was trying to mug him…

There we were, Sideshow and I, chatting outside the Yardbird, when a guy comes up to us with a piece of paper claiming that he’s deaf-dumb and asking for money. Just as Sideshow was reading this, somebody jumped on his back and I, thinking this was a distraction mugging, was about to belt somebody one. Anyway, it turns out that these two incidents were completely unrelated and that the person who jumped on Sideshow’s back was, in fact, just giving him a hug. It was just really unfortunate timing.

Anyway, I spent all night in the pub when I really, really should have been working. But at least I enjoyed that night, met new people and discovered that my reflexes and danger responses are still all they should be…


~ by Scary Rob on 7 May, 2007.

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