I’m not emo!

Right, that’s it! I’ve just been looking back over my posts and realising that Nevermore is turning into yet another EmoBlog™. I am not a fifteen-year-old with a bad haircut who’s stolen his little sister’s jeans and has nothing better to do than whinge about how his mum’s started sending him to bed earlier. I’m a twenty-one-year-old. Okay, yes, I have a bad haircut. But it’s not modelled on the barnet of a character from a cheap anime flick. No, honestly, it isn’t; it’s way too fluffy. Yes, it’s Dylan Moran’s ‘drunk Irishman’ haircut – are you happy now? And I don’t have a little sister. Not that I’d steal her jeans if I did. No, really, I wouldn’t.

That said, you lot don’t know what I look like (20six keeps breaking and replacing my photo with that bloody stupid, sand-dune-jumping lass so you can’t know what I look like even if I want you to) so all you’ve got to go on is what this little mess of a web-page looks like. And it has a bit of an emo colour-scheme. And it has a bit of an emo title. And I’ve been emoing about trivialities lately. But at least I don’t listen to My Chemical Romance. Well, not much.

I think I’m losing this argument with myself.

‘What’s prompting this latest egotistical rant?’ I hear you cry. Well, the answer is more emo introspection. It’s kind of odd being sat where I am with my education very definitely in its final year (no way in hell am I going to get grades good enough for a successful application for a post-grad course, never mind post-grad funding) and having to stare real life in the face for the first time. I have a more permanent house to find. I have a realistically-waged job to find. Hell, I have a whole life to find. Not unnaturally, this scares me a little. I don’t have the faintest clue what I want to do with myself, although success as an author would be an interesting bonus to the few life plans I do have. I know what I want the end to be but the means elude me as yet.

Now I’ve got that out of my system, and I should hope that all the emo tendencies are out of my system for the time being, normal service is about to resume. There’s a wider world out there that I fully intend to inflict my opinions of onto you all. Oh yes, you will be sorry you ever visited this page when I’m done with you. I will convert you all into my henchmen for the New World Order, you see if I don’t. In the meantime, though, do these bangs look better brushed over the left eye or the right?


~ by Scary Rob on 4 February, 2007.

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