New Year

As I mentioned last week, New Year’s weekend at the Gosta Green was one of the best weekends of my life. On the Saturday night, I hijacked Max from Scruffy’s on the basis that, as far as I could tell, that night and New Year’s could be the last official Eddie’s nights ever. Somewhere between us, we can remember most of what happened that night. It was a truly epic night of drinking and stupidity which involved Max knackering his knee doing a power slide in Scruffy’s with Romana’s encouragement (you should have seen the bandage he was wearing the next day) and me manging to split my face open with my own ring. Much drinking and much headbanging was done that night.

The next evening, the Gosta was packed. Its eight-hundred capacity was filled. The atmosphere was like a mass homecoming – Eddie’s was returning with a vengeance. Announcements were made that a new club was in the making and that there would be more nights at the Gosta in the meantime. The whole night was one of seriously electric conviviality.

Two cab drivers tried to charge me a double rate on the way home that evening, so I elected to walk from town back to Edgbaston. Walking a little slowly due to alcoholic grogginess, I found myself walking past many sticks shed by trees on Arthur Road. I picked one up and hit it against a large brick wall. It was a good solid stick. I continued to walk, happily carrying my stick with me. As I continued on to the Vale, I passed an abandoned hubcap on the pavement. Experimentally, I tried to pick it up using just my stick. Amazingly, given how much alcohol was still in my system, I succeeded in getting the hubcap to stay on my stick and I continued to make my journey home, proudly holding my hubcap-on-a-stick aloft with one hand. I waved at the drivers of the occasional passing car.

As I passed a small block of flats, I saw a light on in one of the living rooms and decided to wish the occupants a happy new year (at four in the morning with my hubcap-on-a-stick still in hand), but the main entrance to the block was electronically locked. In retrospect, I should have guessed that this would be the case. Such doors were probably designed with precisely the purpose of stopping drunken bums disturbing the tenants at silly o’clock in mind…

I finally abandoned the hubcap-on-a-stick outside my garden gate. It was half past five by the time I arrived home and Kismet was already up. I wished him a happy new year and went to bed. I had a raging hangover when I got to work in the evening and this reinforced a decision I made in December not to touch alcohol in January. I have been stone cold sober for seven days now.


~ by Scary Rob on 7 January, 2007.

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